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Blu-Ray Burners for PC

10/8/2012 12:56:48 PM | by Anonymous

Blu-Ray Burners: Pc

To understand what Blu-ray burners for PC do, one must first learn what Blu-ray discs are and their applications. Known simply as Blu-ray, Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a new type of optical disc storage format designed to supersede the DVD format. The DVD format is able to store high levels of data. However, the Blu-ray disc is able to store several times more data as compared to the DVD format. The optical disc format is developed by the Blu-ray disc Associations (BDA) which is a group of some of the world’s leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturer; such as Apple, Dell and HP. The purpose of the format is to enable high-definition video (HD) to be recorded, written and played back along with allowing large amounts of data to be stored on the disc.


Previously, with disc formats unable to hold great amounts of data, media producers could not produce the best graphics as it would be too large to be stored on the discs. However, with the creation of Blu-ray technology, media producers can add greater detail to the media that they produce, which creates higher quality media for consumers. To have an idea to the immense size that a Blu-ray disc is able to hold, one can compare the Blu-ray disc to a regular DVD or CD. A regular Blu-ray disc is able to hold 25 GB of data; a dual layer disc can hold 50 GB of data, a triple layers disc is able to hold 100 GB of data and 128 GB of data for a quadruple layers disc. This immense size is greater than the conventional DVD or CD. To put things into perspective, a regular Blu-ray disc with 25 GB capacity has the ability to hold 9 hours of HD video content or the content of 72 CD’s on a Blu-ray disc. This immense size is essential for high definition graphic production and storage, providing consumers with games and videos that are ‘brought to life’.


As technology advances, more and more media producers are shifting to producing media content on Blu-ray as it gives them the opportunity to provide consumers with very high quality content, bringing games and movies to ‘life’. Developers of games are able to add greater detail in the games that they develop, which adds to the realistic and stunning feel of the game. As many PC games are being developed on Blu-ray discs, a Blu-ray burner becomes essential in many situations. Just like a regular disc burner, a Blu-ray burner has the ability to transfer content onto or from a Blu-ray disc. However with their great size, the conventional DVD or CD burner cannot be used when transferring data from or onto a Blu-ray disc. It is therefore that special Blu-ray burners have been developed by manufacturers worldwide, with each offering different perks and disadvantages. Many manufacturers may boast great speeds during the burning process of data. However, the consumer should be aware that this great speed should not compromise the quality of the data.


There are several different types of Blu-ray burners that cater to the needs of different consumers. A user with a dual layer Blu-ray disc may not be able to use a regular Blu-ray burner. Therefore, manufacturers of Blu-ray burners are now taking such needs of the consumers into consideration when manufacturing burners. Some manufacturers may even offer Blu-ray burners have the ability to burn even HD DVD media formats onto Blu-ray discs aside from being able to burn different types of Blu-ray discs. The price of Blu-ray burners usually dictates what the burner can do. The cheaper the price, the lower capabilities the burner would have along with compensating speed. The higher the price, the faster the burner would be when burning content while also having other features such as being able to support multiple formats. Blu-ray burners can sometimes only read a Blu-ray disc and not have any other capabilities. Therefore, a consumer should read up or approach professionals to seek advice on getting the best type of Blu-ray burner for their PC.

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