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Difference Between Blowers and Fans

Date Updated : 5/31/2012 7:36:15 AM

Blowers are often used interchangeably to fans. Similar to fans, blowers are mechanical device that supply current of air. However, one should not confuse one as the other as they contain features that make them distinct to each other. One thing that makes them different is the amount of pressure they require in order to produce air. Blowers can move volumes of gas at a moderate pressure while fans move large amounts of gas at a low pressure.


Size is another factor to easily distinguish blowers from fans. Blowers are typically larger than the latter. The size, obviously, is the reason why blowers can release more air. Some are even huge enough to house both the power supply and fan. They are suitable more on big air flow systems but for smaller items, they are impractical to use. This can also help in determining the difference of the amount energy both consume. Like any electrical device, energy consumption would depend on how they are produced but in most cases, fan consumes less energy than a blower.


Blowers are commonly applied in industries. Industrial blowers are used to circulate the movement of air and gas and replace contaminated air with clean air. Various industries which include medical, food processing, automotive, chemical and others utilize blowers for different applications such as processing, eliminating smoke and odors, drying, decreasing temperature and many more applications.


Industrial blowers are sometimes run for several hours continuously. This means that one has to make sure that the blower he is going to purchase is suitable for what it will be used for like corrosion resistant blowers for corrosive environments and should be durable enough to withstand hours of usage. It will be a lot better if you can find one that is truly reliable and does not have to be maintained frequently.

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