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Biomedical Engineering

10/8/2012 12:57:07 PM | by Anonymous


Before understanding biomedical engineering, one must understand what engineering is. There are several different fields of engineering in the world, from aerospace engineering to water technology or sound engineering. Almost every different industry and aspect of human life in the 21st century has an engineering field associated with it. Engineers are known to come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems or more complex situations. From designing a chair to construction of a bridge, engineering is involved. Engineering is studying the problem, knowing the details and factors that affect the problem and then coming up with solutions to solve it. In biomedical engineering, engineers focus on the aspects of medicine and developing new technologies and solutions to better cure diseases amongst several other things. The work of biomedical engineers ranges on a wide variety of things, from researching on developing new medicines to cure diseases to developing technologies to provide solutions to health problems that were deemed incurable in the past; all these in hopes of advancing medical treatment.


Individuals aspiring to become biomedical engineers have to pursue training in the fields of both, engineering and biology. The individual has to have a good scope of knowledge of engineering as well as biomedical science in order to be able to provide practical and effective solutions. Many institutions understand the need for this and therefore offer their students with choices of pre-tailored courses in biomedical engineering that have been developed by the university or institution. The modules offered in these courses ensure that the student is exposed to both engineering and biomedical science aspects of the field. The students would usually go on internships at companies that either specialize in biomedical engineering or have departments dealing with it, which gives the student firsthand experience in the industry. Also, the student may choose to pursue a doctorate degree in the field to gain more knowledge and more options when pursuing a professional career.


A biomedical engineer deals with a wide variety of things, from researching on and developing medical equipment to using his or her knowledge of biology, technology, mechanical engineering and medicine to provide solutions to everyday problems. Many of the medical devices in hospitals and clinics are developed by people in this field. Some examples of such equipment can be medical imaging systems, artificial organs or hearing aids. Not only that, the individual in this field also ensures that the equipment in hospitals are safe and efficient for everyday use. Some may even perform routine checks on the equipment to make sure that they are in perfect working order and do not cause any discomfort or harm to patients using them. Having the ability to be able to develop new technology and medical devices is a very important part of biomedical engineering.


Not only in the field of developing technologies, but biomedical engineers can also work in the field of genetics. In this field, the engineers would research on the human genome and even look into the possibility of growing organs or skin for transplants and grafts. Researching on pharmaceuticals, cosmetic surgery and life support systems are just some of the related field of work for biomedical engineers. Cosmetic surgeries, breast implants and artificial implants in various parts of the body are all results of biomedical studies and engineering. The engineers have mastered the science related to these aspects and have sufficient knowledge to provide a person with for example an artificial limb. Biomedical engineering has benefitted medical science of the 20th century, when biomedical engineers started organizing themselves and committing themselves to find solutions to everyday problems. Today, biomedical engineers can be found working for private companies, government organizations or even cooperating with other labs to come out with solutions for problems.

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