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Best Educational Institutes in the World for your Child

3/20/2013 8:20:35 AM | by Anonymous

Education Centres

Competition is on the rise these days, and your child definitely need to cope with it. It is not only about the academics but also other activities which helps children develop their personality and become contributors for simple things, which have greater impact in their future. Many times, the world outside the classroom instils knowledge which is more important than what a book could ever teach them. This helps children accelerate and partake in various activities, which in turn help them become versatile. Here are some of the best institutes in the world that use a holistic approach for education.


California Institute of Technology:

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-13, this institute is on the numero uno position in the list. It is a private institution located in Pasadena, California and was founded in 1891, covering an area of about 124 acres in the suburbs. It concentrates on Science and Engineering. Students can involve themselves in on-campus research like the Centre for Neuromorphic systems and Engineering and the Centre for Science and Engineering of Materials. Apart from these, the centres host events, luncheons, etc. frequently.


Harvard Business School:

This is definitely the best B-School in the world with world class infrastructure, encouraging all its students to be leaders in the society. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts offering various executive, doctoral and full time MBA programs. It was founded in 1908 with 59 students. It has been ranked the best B-School consistently by various magazines and journals. There are more than 75 clubs which the students can join. It organizes various social events, trips and seminars to help students of like tastes bond better.


University of Cambridge:

Medical aspirants need to apprehend the vitality of selecting the right medical college. This is because, only well trained doctors have the potential to be responsible for someone’s life. The medical department of University of Cambridge is one of the best medicine schools in the world. It was established in the year 1540, producing the best ever medical professionals the world has witnessed.


Le Cordon Bleu:

This is the world’s most compendious and the largest hospitality educational institution. It has about 35 schools spread across five continents producing 20,000 culinary experts every year.


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Author Bio: Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK. She loves kids and therefore loves to write articles related to children. As a single mother, she took up writing as her profession to meet the educational expenses of her kids and the family. She says that child support agency has helped her much in upbringing her kids and she recommends the same to any single parent looking for guidance.

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