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Benefits of Using Paper Bags

3/7/2012 8:45:56 AM | by Anonymous

Bags - Paper

Paper bag is the new fad these days. We can see men and women carrying paper bags from almost everywhere. They bring it in schools, malls, offices and grocery stores.

This trend might have been developed because of the clothing sector. Famous clothes store design their paper bags with their own company or brand logo to attract customers. The people holding these particular bags get recognition because it gives those who see them an idea that they own a classy product. Printing company name or logo on paper bags serve as a form of promotion or marketing strategy. Also, many people prefer using paper bags because they are easy to carry, neat and can hold a lot of items.

There are bigger reasons why the use of paper bag is advantageous. Aside from being reusable, they are recyclable, biodegradable, environment friendly, inexpensive and practical to use. Paper bags are made from wood. Like newspapers, magazines or books, they can be recycled and produced into a new paper. Waste papers are biodegradable so they can easily decay and would not pile up on dump sites. Paper bag does contain harmful chemicals that will deteriorate our environment. It will not affect the land where it will decay. It is inexpensive because we can get one free as they come as a packaging material when we buy clothes on shopping stores. We can also buy them at very cheap price especially if they are bought wholesale. Owning a paper bag is practical because you will get the value of what you pay for. You can use them on groceries and the good ones can be used as paper gift bags. If they reached a very bad condition, collect them and sell to junk shops.

Using paper bags will be a lot of help to the environment. However, we should not overdo it. It will also take some time to replace the trees that are cut down in order to produce papers.

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