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Benefits of Riding Motorcycles

5/4/2012 8:24:58 AM | by Anonymous


The continuous increase in fuel prices made motorcycles the most economical mode of transportation. These vehicles which used to be seen only on racing tracks are now rampant on city streets. People are gradually choosing more to commute with two wheels because of the economical and environmental benefits it brings.


The primary reason why motorcycles are becoming a popular vehicle is because of its being fuel efficient. The running cost of motorcycle is far cheaper compared to cars. The economical benefits it brings do not only reflect on its fuel consumption but also on the price when you first purchased it. You do not need to shell out a big amount so you can buy a motorcycle unlike cars that would cost you a great sum of money. The low fuel consumption characteristic of motorcycle has environmental benefits as well. Lower gas burnt means lower carbon emissions.


Motorcycles are most beneficial to use in the city. Traffic congestion and lack of parking areas are common problems in urbanized areas. You will get to save time and gas because you would not experience being stuck on the streets. This is a problem that can not be avoided even if you take a public vehicle or ride a cab especially during rush hour. Rush hour usually happens every morning when everyone is hurrying to go to work. To avoid getting late, we would leave earlier than we usually do to allot time for road troubles that might occur. If you are riding a motorcycle, you can sleep longer or have time to eat breakfast before leaving the house. Looking for space to park would not be an issue as well and the fee is normally cheaper for motorcycles compared to car designated parking space.


Motorcycles are really enjoyable to ride on. However, one should not forget that it lacks the safety components of a car. Road accidents are unavoidable so it is best to invest for durable helmets and other protective gears and make sure to wear them every time.

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