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Benefits of KTV Singing

5/2/2012 6:20:11 PM | by Anonymous


A favorite pastime of most people is KTV singing. It is a method of bonding with friends and relatives, a form of entertainment in events or a way to simply fill in time. Aside from the pleasure of singing your heart out, karaoke has benefits physically, socially and emotionally.


KTV physically benefits us by enhancing the nervous system. Singing requires breathing slowly and deeply which assists in fully developing the lungs and toning up the diaphragm. It improves aerobic capacity and decreases muscle tension benefiting our hearts and circulation. Additionally, respiratory tubes and sinuses are opened up more.


Whenever you sing, endorphins or “good hormones” are released which help us feel good and happy. It reduces anger, anxiety and depression. It allows us to express our feelings and a familiar song can evoke emotions. Getting used to performing in front of other people increases self-esteem and confidence. We tend to get caught up when singing unnoticeably energizing the person in performance.


KTV singing makes a person socially involved. It brings family and friends together. It is a fun way of building deeper and stronger relationship with your loved ones. You will feel a sense of belongingness and acceptance for being part of a crowd. It will be easier for you to talk with strangers and get along with new friends. Different cultures enjoy singing. KTV exposes us to various songs which increases our understanding and empathy to differences among people. Attending karaoke bars leads to meeting new people. You might find the singing style of the person you just met amusing but the singing crowd does not mind because in a KTV activity, everyone should be involved whether or not one has a talent in singing.


In KTV, no person is a good or bad singer. It is all about enjoying the benefits of ktv singing while having fun.

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