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Benefits of Cosmetics

3/29/2012 7:56:31 AM | by Anonymous


Make up is used by women primarily to enhance their looks. They apply cosmetics on their face and body to obtain immediate improvement to their physical appearance. Foundation and concealer can cover blemishes and dark spots on the skin. It can also instantly make your face fairer. Eye makeup products like eyeliner, eye shadow, shimmer and mascara enliven the eyes. However, the result is temporary since cosmetics are applied externally. Today, cosmetics are used for different purposes and created to give lasting effect if applied frequently.


There are creams invented for various uses like anti-aging creams, sunscreens, hand and facial moisturizers. Anti-aging creams can partially reverse the signs of aging while sunscreens can protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun which can minimize the development of skin cancer. On the other hand, regular use of moisturizers can restore softness and moisture of the skin.


The use of soap and water is not enough to get rid of cosmetics on your face. Lotion and creams, if not completely removed, can block pores in the skin which may lead to acne and infections. Cleansing cosmetics should be used to deeply penetrate the pores and remove the underlying dirt.


The best types of cosmetics are those made from 100% natural ingredients because they would not cause allergies and side effects to the user. Some cosmetics also come with vitamins which boost the health of the skin and hair. Organic cosmetics include lipstick, eye shadow, foundation and face powder to name a few.


Nowadays, it is not only the women who take advantage of cosmetics. Males use hair gels to give their hair a style. There are certain professions that require the employees to apply makeup like hospitality and show business industries. People working in the hotels and restaurants carry the image of their company so they have to look presentable all the time. Show business personalities, men and women alike, make use of cosmetics to appear good in front of their fans whatever the mood and the situation is.

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