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Bakers - Basic Bakery Supplies

3/8/2012 5:55:05 PM | by Anonymous


The correct usage of bakery supplies is crucial to bakers for the successful outcome of bakery products. To become a good baker, one has to be familiarized with the basic baking supplies.


The basic supplies needed in baking that bakers sought out are flour, salt, eggs, leavening agents, sugar, liquids and fats. Flour is the main ingredient that provides bulk and structure for the product. The most common type of flour is wheat. The gluten, or protein found in wheat gives dough its elasticity and strength. Salt, as we all know, enhances flavors. It is an important ingredient because it helps moderate the rising time of the bread allowing the flavor of the dough to develop. Eggs add flavor, color and its fats bring a tender and light texture to baked goods. They also work as leaveners. Other leavening agents are baking powder and baking soda. They cause the baked product rise. Both must be measured accurately before mixed to the batter. Too much leaveners will make the bubbles too big resulting for the product to explode while too little leavening agent will create a heavy product with soggy layers. Sugar adds sweetness, flavor and rich brown color to bread’s crust. Honey, brown sugar, molasses, jams, dried fresh fruits and corn syrups may also be used. Liquid is important in baking because it makes the dough elastic and sticky when combined with the flour. It can enhance the flavor or texture of the product when substituted with milk, butter, cream or juice. The main function of fats, on the other hand, is to retain moisture in the baked product. They also contribute to the finished product’s tenderness. The types of fats are butter, margarine, shortening or oil.


Do not let lack of knowledge with the basic bakery supplies hinder you to learn how to bake properly. Bakers simply make sure that the right ingredients and the correct measurement of each material are strictly followed.

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