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Barbecue Equipment & Supplies – Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Grill

3/9/2012 5:59:47 PM | by Anonymous

Barbecue Equipment & Supplies

Your perfectly organized outdoor party has been ruined by the weather. Good thing innovation on cooking equipment makes it possible to hold a barbecue party both indoor and outdoor. However, outdoor barbecue equipment and supplies are not recommended for indoor use. To be prepared for both occasions, it is important to familiarize one self with the two types of cooking methods.


Outdoor grill generally uses supplies like charcoals. Fired charcoal releases dangerous smoke that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Electric grills are made for indoor cooking. It is suitable for those who live in a place with no outdoor space. It allows a person to enjoy the flavor of grilled food even when there is no occasion. Cooking grilled meat can be done anytime of the day inside your house. Electric barbecue grill is also easier to manage compared to outdoor barbecue equipment. Outdoor grill requires equipment and supplies like fire starter, wire mesh, charcoal and tong. You have to equip yourself with these materials to fully enjoy outdoor cooking.


Outdoor grilling has several advantages over indoor grilling. Outdoor equipment tend to have larger surface making it suitable for cooking large amount of food. The smoky taste of food grilled outdoor is incomparable to a food cooked indoors. The former is also healthier because the direct fire from charcoal vaporizes a lot of the food fat content. There is no big difference between meat cooked using an outdoor grill and a gas grill. But as mentioned earlier, the latter brings health risks.


There is not a lot of option when purchasing outdoor grills. For indoor equipment, there are a few basic designs that you can choose from. Open grill works like an outdoor grill. The food is cooked on one side that needs to be turned over at some point to make sure it is evenly cooked. Another type of indoor grill is contact grills. It grills food in less time since the food is cooked simultaneously in both sides. An example of this is a sandwich maker grill.


Having both kinds of barbecue equipment is great. Whether you feel like spending the day under the sun or take advantage of the comfort of your home, you will get to enjoy grilling indoors and outdoors anytime.

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