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Balancing Equipment - Its Importance in Industry

3/7/2012 5:31:13 PM | by Anonymous

Balancing Equipment

Balancing is a preventative maintenance of industrial equipment. It minimizes the vibration, noise and bearing wear of rotating bodies ensuring high quality product with a long life cycle free of problems and downtime. Balancing equipment prevents it to wear out which in turn reduces future capital and operating costs.


For most people, the common notion for balancing is limited to car wheels and tires that must be balanced before fitting to cars. Car wheels and tires are balanced to prevent them to judder at certain speeds. This vibration causes premature wear of car parts. The same applies to other equipment that requires balancing. Balancing equipment is a measuring tool used for balancing rotating machine parts such as electrical armatures, motors and blowers. It minimizes the vibration, noise and bearing wear of rotating bodies. The rotors in electric motors want to revolve around its mass centre axis. When the mass is unevenly distributed, centrifugal force, vibration and noise occur during rotation. Unbalanced equipment, when underestimated, can cause the bearings to wear out. In extreme cases, the rotor itself can even disintegrate.


Balancing equipment can be categorized as hard-bearing and soft-bearing. Hard-bearing equipment is done below the critical speed of the machine. It directly measures the centripetal force allowing the unbalance in a rotor to be determined in the very first spin-up. Soft-bearing equipment operate above the first critical speed. It is more time consuming since it involves calibration of each rotor type. Among the two, hard-bearing have become the preferred balancing equipment of industry for its high level of accuracy, greater productivity and increased simplicity.


Spending on balancing equipment is essential to prevent further financial loss. Unbalanced machines cause slow production resulting to inefficiency and if not given attention can cause the equipment to break or worst to completely collapse resulting to greater loss in the future.

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