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Learn more about Auxiliary Police

4/21/2015 12:49:16 PM | by Mr. Proverbs

Auxiliary Police Services

Auxiliary police is a community volunteer who is faithful and enthusiastic in providing services for the society. Auxiliary police men are well trained in both practical and theoretical policing applications and these auxiliary officers also wear uniforms and armed with issued baton and handcuffs.

In the superiority of jurisdictions, Auxiliary officer is a kind of volunteering jobs that has an authority to arrest for crimes that arise on their respective duties.

Some tasks and duties of an Auxiliary Police

• Aid community parades
• Execute hands-on foot patrols
• Perform and aid crowd management
• Inspect and search if there is a missing person
• Assist the crowd if there is a big event
• Participate in community events
• Update the community night list data
• Promote a good relationship between the police and the community
• Aid the regular police officer in crime prevention
• Stand on the information booths

Auxiliary officer takes charge in taking good care of the community and is responsible in performing monitoring and surveillance in the area but there are some limitations and duties that Auxiliary Police are not allowed to do.

Auxiliary Officers are not allowed to do the following tasks:

• Arrest/Detain a person for a crime that is not happen in their presence unless told by a regular police officer
• Carry firearms
• Issue legal notice and documents

All Auxiliary Police must have outstanding skills and are always fit to perform the respective task assigned to them. Here are some skills needed to be an Auxiliary Police.

• Reading Comprehension –understands written documents related to work.
• Active Listening – has the ability to understand and pay attention to what other people has to say or inquire.
• Social Perceptiveness – consciousness and perceptive to the action and response of others.
• Speaking – knows how to talk to others to get information efficiently.
• Writing – well versed in written communication
• Critical thinking – has logical reasoning to identify alternative solutions and conclusion to the problem.
• Judgment and Decision Making – keen on considering relative cause and effect of possible actions.
• Active learning – fast learner and understands the new implications of information for future decision and problem solving.
• Instructing – knows how to instruct details and job orders.

Auxiliary officers are the one who assist the police department in maintaining the peace and order of the community and most of the auxiliary polices are volunteers which are called upon for supplementing some of the police work needed.

For an Auxiliary police to perform well on job here are some background one has to acquire:

• Constitutional Law
• Ethics
• Use of Force
• Note taking
• Report writing
• First aid
• CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
• Parking Enforcement
• Evidence collection
• Chain of custody
• Traffic and crowd control

Auxiliary Police have duties and responsibilities that would require healthy and physically fit body and can take long hours of work shift in a day. An Auxiliary police must be physically fit and pocess the following requirements.

Physical Requirements:
• Can stand for a long working hours
• Outstanding physical coordination
• Exceptional hand and eye coordination
• Can walk long distances
• Run fast to apprehend suspects
• Flexible body complex

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