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Automatic Sliding Door for a convenient living

4/15/2015 8:13:20 AM | by Hope

Automatic Door

Aside from reliable and efficient work, convenient living is the main purpose of new technologies invented nowadays.

An automatic sliding door also called sliding door operator is a device which opens and closes automatically for pedestrian use. It is usually seen on large industrial and commercial buildings which prefer to have an effortless access into a specific area. It is an innovative system which provides extensive flexibility and convenience to people. These doors can be used as an internal sliding doors or exterior sliding doors. Automatic doors are typically sliding door type which opens horizontally. It was made to automatically operate with its motor and activation system used to trigger the opening and closing functions of the sliding door.

The activation system of sliding doors use various triggering ways that will allow people to pass through it. It is incorporated with sensors that have individual function in accordance to the user’s requirements. These triggering ways include the approach sensor, push button, access control and the automatic way. The Approach sensor such as a radar sensor allows the door to open whenever it sensed an object or a person is approaching. It also serves as a safety sensor since it reopens whenever it encounter an obstacle. The push button allows the door to open when a user presses the control button. The access control way of triggering allows the door to open when an access control system detects that the user is authorized to go through and lastly, the automatic way which is commonly used on elevators.

How it Works

An automatic door closer also known as automatic door opener has three main parts which are the optical sensor, motor, and the tracks and rollers. The optical or motion sensor that is mounted over the automatic door activates the motorized opening and closing functions. It uses microwave technology to detect motion which allows a user to pass safely. This sensor is wired into the motor drive that is connected by internal belts which carry out the opening and closing of the door. The sliding door is then mounted or hanged on a metal frame with the trackers and rollers connected on both overhead and floor planes.

Types of Automatic Sliding Doors

Linear Sliding Door
The Linear type of automatic sliding door is a classic type wherein it is suitable to use in areas where there is sufficient lateral space. It automates a good passage way in a simple manner. It has an air-lock function which has two coordinated door system control access.

Telescopic Sliding Door
The Telescopic type of automatic sliding door is applicable to occasions when a large opening width is needed yet structural situation do not permit. It can be used in a home or office where an individual can make the space flexible and multifunctional. It can be opened up if you want to create a huge space for a large gathering.

Curved Sliding Door
The Curved sliding door provides stylish and architectural statement and character to a building. It lends a large amount of air to the entire entrance. This type of automatic sliding door is about 40% larger than a linear sliding door.

Angular Sliding Door
The Angular type of automatic sliding door is perfect in giving optical emphasis to the entrance of a contemporary building. Its angle is directed either inside or outside the building where a user can make an elegant entrance.

Multi-functional Sliding Door
The Multi-functional type of sliding door performs a numerous tasks. It has a break-out function that provides rapid way out during emergency condition. It can be used in a home, office, hotel, or function hall wherein a person can either slide or fully open the door to create a wider space.

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