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Applications of Nozzles

5/4/2012 8:25:06 AM | by Anonymous


Nozzles are used to regulate the flow of substances. They are found at the tip of a hose or pipe from which liquid or gas substances are discharged. Different nozzles are made available for various applications.


An important tool for firefighters to successfully do their job is a nozzle. Firefighters arrive at emergency location on a truck equipped with a water filled tank. They attach a hose at the tank where the water will flow to put out fire. The nozzle tip affixed to the hose is responsible for the release of high pressure of water capable of extinguishing huge fire. It can also stretch out the release of water at a long distance making it possible to reach elevated parts of the building. Nozzles are applied on fire detectors found on the ceiling of buildings. It sets out liquid once it detected a fire or smoke. In this case, water are sprinkled unlike the firefighter hose that discharges in a pointed pattern but provides the strongest pressure since the substance is concentrated in a single direction.


Since nozzles can control the pressure of substance, they are also utilized in simple applications such as in garden hose or garden sprinkler. The pressure of water in garden hose is interchangeable by adjusting the nozzle. It can create a pencil point pattern to focus on a single plant or can be turned into a spray to avoid pressure damages to fragile plants. The release of liquid in garden sprinkler is spread out in order to reach every part of the garden. The water in kitchen faucet can flow into spread droplets or one big stream depending on the nozzles used.


Water fountains are also becoming an attraction in parks, resorts or any nature inspired establishments. Nozzles are responsible for the entertaining water tricks of dancing fountains.

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