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Applications of Conveyor Belting System

3/15/2012 5:43:12 PM | by Anonymous


Belting system made it possible to transport heavy objects from one place to another over a short distance. The device involved in this system is conveyor belt. Conveyor belt is a mechanical apparatus consisting of two or more pulleys with a continuous moving belt. The pulley that is powered and responsible for moving the belt is a drive pulley while the unpowered pulley is called the idler.


Conveyor belt has two main categories namely, Fabric Belting and Steel Cord Belting. Their external features seem identical but the internal structure is different. Fabric belting has an inner layer that provides the tensile strength and shape of the belt identified as carcass. It is made of cotton or plastic web or mesh. On the other hand, steel cord belts have a series of steel cables embedded into the belt, separated by rubber. These belts are used on moving sidewalks, escalators and numerous manufacturing procedures. Various types of belts are available to use in different applications.


Conveyor belts are typically suspended with a continuous loop of materials that rotates about them. This is usually applied in an array of material transport applications such as in food processing, manufacturing and heavy industries. There are also particular belting system used in bakeries such as oven belts for pies and pizzas, roofing stones conveying, extracted gravel transport and so on. Commercial industries belts are designed to solve a specific industry purpose like the existence of agricultural, retail and construction belting system. Power transmission belt is the most popular among the conveyor belt system. It is used in power transmission applications such as belting for power take offs, engine belts and industrial machinery.


Only high quality materials should be used to conveyor belting system so that it can withstand the weight of the loaded goods. Conveyor belts are developed to fulfill this purpose in the most cost-effective manner and with the utmost practical degree of reliability.

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