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Applications of Coatings

5/31/2012 7:36:20 AM | by Anonymous


I bet most people think that automobiles are painted for decorative purposes. Well partly, it is. Every person has a preference especially in choosing what color of the car he will buy. Owning a car would require a big amount so one must be sure it contains everything that you are aiming for.


What we do not know is the other reason why applying coatings is essential. Coating is not only for decorative purposes but most importantly to give protection to an object. Automobiles and aerospace are only two of the many industries that require coatings. These products are composed mostly of metals. Metals are prone to damages caused by naturally occurring elements such as rust. The paint that will be applied will give a glossy appearance that will make it look attractive to consumers, while at the same time protecting the car from corrosion.


The application of coatings is evident in our own house. Everyday, we are surrounded with walls and ceilings painted with vibrant colors. No matter how creative the architectural design of a house is, it will not look pleasant without coatings. There are paints that hold feature suitable for different parts of the house such as vinyl gloss latex which is suitable for busy areas like kitchen, bathroom and laundry. These rooms are prone to wet and dirt. One can clean dirty wall often without the worry that it might get damaged since it does not wear easily. The other types of paints made for sensitive residents are quick drying coat that has mild odor and dries rapidly and anti-bacterial and fungus resistant paints to ensure sanitation.


The cost of coatings adds up a lot on the price of goods. But it is still worth paying for since it makes sure that the life span of our goods and properties will last for a long time.

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