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Applications of Breathing Apparatus

9/11/2013 6:13:53 PM | by Anonymous

Breathing Apparatus

SCBA n acronym for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus” and this vital equipment comes with some life saving regulations. Breathing apparatus is also a device to help people better facilitate the breathing process if they are involved in an activity that limits their flow of oxygen while work or emergency situations that require gas or oxygen masks such as if they have illness and or respiratory failure.


There are many types of breathing devices and each is used for a specific medical reason, activity or illness. The ventilator and apnea monitor are two common medical equipments that help a person to breathe better. Breathing devices are used by people who participate in activities such as deep water dives and mountain climbing, where breathing without the help of an apparatus is difficult or impossible.


How does the Breathing Apparatus Works

The breathing apparatus works by maintaining a certain amount of air pressure within a mask that the user wears when he or she is working or sleeping. The air pressure keeps the wearer’s airway open and this would allows him or her to breathe easily.


However, one problem with an breathing apparatus is that it uses an continuous amount of air pressure for that person to exhale against the pressure and this makes it imperfect or unsuitable for certain people especially for those who are suffering from neuromuscular diseases.


Medical Uses

In medicine, the breathing apparatus are used for respiratory illnesses that require a breathing device such as asthma, bronchitis illness and chronic obstructive pulmonary devices. The breathing apparatus also used to help premature infants who have underdeveloped nervous systems and are unable to breathe on their own.


Other people who can benefit include those who are suffering from atelectasis which results when all or part of a lung collapses which results in the loss of the ability of air sacs at the furthest reaches of the lungs to expand.


Types of Breathing Apparatus

A self-contained breathing apparatus also refers to as a compressed air breathing apparatus and it is often worn by fire or emergency work crews. It comprises of a hose, a regulator and a mouthpiece or mask.


A closed-circuit apparatus are filters, supplement and re-circulate exhaled gas. It is typically used in the environments that are in bulky additions such as a tube or high pressure air tank would not be allowed. This would usually used for a mine rescue operation due to narrow passageways and time constrictions for a set of air supply.


An open-circuit SCBAs or industrial breathing sets are used by filtered, compressed air which is exhaled by the user. When the air is exhaled, the amount of air available to the user will be diminished as there is a time limit of usage.


A medical breathing apparatus is vital equipment that is required for the respiratory failure and or illness for the newborn or infants having problems breathing on their own. The ventilators machines also will help to assist patients with breathing problems on their own by using a tube placed into the windpipe; the air is mechanically moved in and out of the lungs when a patient cannot inhale or exhale oxygen however this is only used for the elderly or injured patients.

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