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Applications of Air Curtains and Screens

3/3/2012 12:07:21 PM | by Anonymous

Air Curtains & Screens

Air curtains and screens are used to separate two spaces from each other. They are an air stream across a doorway which is directed downward mounted over an opening, blowing air across the surface of the opening. This air barrier blocks flying insects by creating strong turbulence. They also help keeping dust or debris from passing through. Air curtains and screens can either be mounted vertically at the side of the door or horizontally above the door blowing air across. They are usually applied at door-less shop fronts, workshop entrances and frequently open doors of public buildings.


Air curtains and screen are applied in many ways. In industries, they are used as a climate control. Climate control air curtain prevents outside air from going inside a cooled or heated area. This type of air curtain is normally utilized at receiving doors of warehouses and plants including the interior doors of plant areas with different temperatures. Air curtains and screens are seen in cooled areas. They are placed at an interior door and need only be sized for the draft due to the temperature differences between the two sides. Application in oven openings is another industrial usage of air curtains. This made the industrial ovens fuel efficient reaching a total of up to 40% fuel savings. The purpose of dust and humidity control air curtains is to prevent the dust particles and vapors from coming in. This is made possible by installing them on the side where the humidity is controlled and the air is blown towards the uncontrolled side. Among the various applications, they are most widely used as commercial entrance air doors. They can be seen in buildings entrances to provide comfort and reduce energy consumption. Stream from insect control air curtains used in food processing plants, dairies, bakeries, bottling plants, hospitals and supermarkets serves as a barrier for insects while cold storage air curtains separate a cold storage area from a warm room.


Energy efficiency and improved working environment are just a few of the advantages of having air doors. These benefits can be recognized after the long term usage air curtains and screens.

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