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Application of Air Compressors

9/13/2013 4:41:44 PM | by Anonymous

Air Compressors

Air compressor is a device that converts the power which is usually from an electric motor, gasoline or a diesel engine into the kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing the air. It can be released into quick bursts and there are many other methods of air compression such as dividing into either the positive displacement or the negative displacement types.


This usually uses widely in the industry that it is often regarded as the fourth utility after electricity, water and natural gas however this is also more expensive than the other three utilities when it is evaluated on a per unit energy delivered basis. There are also many purposes of using air compressor which include to scuba diving for breathing and to inflate buoyancy devices, energy storage, vehicle propulsion, refrigeration that involves using a vortex tube. You will probably find air compressors used in situations like corner gas stations to major manufacturing plants or into home workshops, basements and garages. The models and size are varying for every industry that is using it. The advantage of air compressor is that each tool does not need its own bulky motor instead just a single motor on the compressor to convert the electrical to kinetic energy. This makes it light, compact and easy to handle and have fewer parts that will wear out.


The positive displacement of air compressors is work by forcing the air into a chamber whose volume is then reduced to compress the air. An example would be the piston type of air compressors that uses this principle to pump the air into an air chamber through the use of the constant motion of pistons. They use the one-way valves to guide the air into a chamber where the air will be compressed. Another type is rotary screw compressors that also use positive displacement compression to match the 2 helical screws that when its turned, it will guide the air into a chamber whose volume will be reduced as the screws is turned. Lastly, the vane compressors are using a slotted rotor with a varied blade placement to guide the air into a chamber and compress the volume.


The negative displacement is also known as centrifugal compressors and it is use to centrifugal force by generating a spinning impeller to accelerate and decelerate the captured air which pressurizes it.


Applications of Air Compressors

  • It is to supply high-pressure clean air to fill the gas cylinders.

  • It is to supply a moderate pressure of clean air to a submerged surface supplied driver.

  • It is to supply a moderate pressure of clean air for driving some office and or school building pneumatic HVAC control system valves.

  • It is to supply a large amount of moderate pressure of air to the power pneumatic tools which include jackhammers.

  • It is to produce a large volume of moderate pressure of air for the large scale industries processes such as oxidation for the petroleum coking or the cement plant bag house purge systems.

  • It is also for filling the tires.


However, most air compressors are a reciprocating piston type, rotary screw or rotary vane. There are two main types of air compressor’s pumps such as oil-lubed or the oil-less. Oil less system is more technical development and expensive, louder also it delivers a better quality of air and it can lasts using lesser time than the oil lubed pumps.


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