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Ammunition and Armories

8/8/2012 2:12:03 PM | by Anonymous


Derived from the French word ‘la munition’, ammunition was initially used to describe all material that used for war. Overtime, it came to refer specifically to gunpowder and artillery. Ammunition in the society is seen to refer to bullets and magazines that are used in guns and other weapons. There are several types of ammunitions that are used in war and a collective term for all these types of ammunitions is munitions. Munitions can refer to anything that is used in combat, from bombs and missiles mines and warheads. Munitions are used for the basic purpose of powering weapons and projecting force to a target. Ammunitions are essential for weapons to function, as without them weapons would render useless. Armies all around the world use ammunitions intensively, be it for training purposes or for defending their interests and safety. With such intensive use, they would require a lot of ammunition and a space to store it.



Armory is referred to a space that has been designated to store weapons and munitions. Similarly, an ammunitions dump is a space that is designed to house ammunitions and explosives. The terms armory and ammunition dump are typically used in the military context. Armories usually house administrative offices and training facilities within their vicinity to safeguard the weapons and munitions. Armories are usually well guarded as to prevent the weapons and munitions from getting into the wrong hands. Also many countries have regulations as to who can enter an armory, limiting unwanted persons access to these sensitive locations. Ammunitions dumps on the other hand usually are temporary installments located within training or war ground so that working member of the army have ready access to the supplies they need. As they are located within training grounds, it would be near impossible for an unauthorized person to get there.


The designs of armories and ammunition dumps are also very complex as storing such dangerous equipment causes a great cause for concern of the personnel within the vicinity. The armory is usually an isolated structure that has very high level of security systems to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the facility. Also the structure usually has thick walls and buffer zones around the area to minimize and prevent harm to anyone around the area in case of an emergency or explosion within the structure. The munitions rooms can be easily controlled and secured with the security systems. These features ensure greater safety for all those involved around the area and safeguard the weapons as well.


Armories can also be built within another structure to house weapons and ammunitions. These types of armories are usually not related to military context and the rich and wealthy or powerful people usually have these installed in their homes to protect themselves against invaders. In the past, kings and royalties had these types of armories installed in their castles to store weapons and ammunitions so that they would have easy access to these resources should the need arise.


In armories, care is taken when relocating or moving objects around due to the hostile nature of the ammunitions and weapons located inside. Containers are labeled with accurate descriptions of contents inside so that a person who is moving that container would know the right safety procedures. Ammunitions and weapons are also stored in the right conditions to limit heat and vibrations so that they do not detonate themselves. As there are some types of weapons and ammunitions that may become unstable over time, staff would take these materials out and dispose them off for safety reasons. In the context of war, ammunition dumps are very essential in ensuring the victory of troops. If an enemy is able to penetrate into the ammunition dump of the troops, he may remove materials or gain control over the territory, degrading the morale of the troops. Also if the ammunition dump is destroyed by the enemy, it would mean certain defeat for the troops as they would not have access to ammunition.



Ammunition is a key to today’s society and armories are equally important for proper storage of the equipment. Ammunition ensures the safety of civilians when used by the authorized authorities, but can pose as a danger when in the wrong hands. Although a hazardous invention, it is also equally important in the success of a nation and the safety of people.

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