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Aluminium Ladder and Its various Applications

7/16/2015 9:30:53 AM | by Coleen Chen

Aluminium Ladders

A ladder is a set of steps that is vertically assembled and is mainly used to move a person on a higher position. It can be a metal ladder, fiberglass, wooden ladder, or ladder made of tough plastic but aluminium ladder is the most preferred nowadays and it is applicable to a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications that can be used as a roof ladder, pool ladders, boat ladders, etc.

A common type of aluminium ladder is known as the rigid ladder leaned on walls of a building or a structure. It can be used as a portable ladder or sometimes, fixed permanently.

Forms and Applications
• Step Ladders
This is commonly used in the industry features its self supporting characteristics where it doesn’t require to be leaned on any type of support; therefore it can be used in the middle of a room or even when trimming of trees. A variety of step ladder is the simple front step ladder and the twin step ladder.
• Extension Ladders
This is usually designed to be leaned on a support such as a house or a building in order to reach higher places. It mainly consists of the “base” that is firmly placed on the ground and the “fly” which is the moveable piece used to extend allowing the extension ladder to reach higher. The sliding activity is done either through a rope or a hook.
• Platform Ladders
A front step ladder designed with a platform as its top step is known as the platform ladder. It consists of a top rail guard with around two feet high for safety. It is ideal to be used on applications where two hands are required and can be used in any direction.
• Step Stools
A step tool is used at home in order to reach any higher position safely such as the top shelves of a cabinet. After use, it can be folded down into an almost flat to save space.
• Multi-purpose Ladders
It can perform task of two or more types of ladder. It has the ability to change into different position to offer the user options while doing a specific job. It can function as a step ladder that is fully self-supporting and climbable. This ladder can also be leaned on walls in order to reach higher locations.
• Telescoping Ladders
This ladder is also known as collapsible ladder and is used to slide in and out adjusting its size intended for certain applications. Telesteps is the most popular variety of telescoping ladder which has the ability to extend into a useable extension ladder or to shrink for a compact and easy to carry ladder otherwise.
• Folding Ladders
It is usually used in a smaller inside tasks only. It has larger steps compared to the skinny rungs of an extension ladder. After use, this lightweight and easy to use ladder can be folded in order to fit into small places for a safe and convenient storage.

Guides on how to climb a ladder safely
1. Set up the ladder at a proper angle by creating a right triangle.
2. Make sure the feet of the ladder does not slip backward.
3. The top of the ladder should rest on a flat surface which doesn’t have the tendency to slide or wobble.
4. Always grab the rungs of the ladder using your hand when climbing.
5. Use additional accessories such as rubber or soft plastic mitts which provide good grip on the siding and the large rubber pads grip to prevent the top from slipping sideways at the same time preventing the fragile materials from sliding like vinyl and aluminum.

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