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All You Need to Know About Street Lights

10/11/2013 5:20:40 PM | by Anonymous

Lighting Poles

Did you know that the lighting in cities can be seen from space? Lighting poles or street lights guide drivers and make the whole area safer in general. A lighting pole is a type of light that is usually installed at the side of a road to light up the area. Evidence of lighting poles date back to ancient times in Roman and Greek civilizations, where lighting poles main purpose was to protect the citizens from robbers to illuminate the area. Since the electrical lamps were not invented at that point of time, oil lamps were commonly used as they provided a good and lasting light source. The first type of electric lamps was invented in 1875 and they were known as arc lamps. Arc lamps used alternating current as their power source. The first arc lamps were deployed in Paris, France. This is one of the reasons why Paris is known as the “City of Lights”. Arc lights produced a very bright light, which was not practical in streets and consumed a great amount of power. Arc lights were then phased out by the development of cheaper incandescent light bulbs. However, arc lights were still useful in industrial areas due to its bright light.

The purpose of lighting poles have remained the same, even today lights are still used for safety and navigation. The only difference is that technology has enabled us to create a more efficient light source. Even though lighting poles illuminate the area, drivers should still always use their headlights. Lighting poles can be used to alert drivers of any hazards in front of them. Lighting poles can also be used to inform drivers of an upcoming intersection so that the driver will not get involved in any accidents.

Apart from navigation, lighting poles also help serve as a safety feature. It is obvious that areas which are well lit are much less dangerous as it deters criminals from committing crimes. People are also able to see the surrounding area better which gives them a sense of security. Since lighting poles are installed on the streets, it has been found that accidents involving pedestrians have decreased by half.

Due to the growing population of the world, more and more lighting poles are installed in more and more cities. Some people might think that lighting poles are a cause of light pollution. They may interfere with the view of the stars and sometimes the migration of birds. These lighting poles may also be a hazard as people may crash into them, or if there is a storm and the lighting pole were to fall over, it will block the road preventing drivers from getting to their destination. In some rare cases, electrical faults with the lighting pole may cause the whole pole to become electrified. This will injure anyone that comes into contact with them.

Manufacturers have responded to light pollution by designing special lights or filters to reduce light leakage. In more advanced lighting poles, solar sensors are installed to activate the light when it gets dark and also to adjust the brightness of the light depending on the surrounding area.

Most lighting poles today use light emitting diodes. These are bulbs that usually have a small semiconductor inside a clear plastic shell. When a current in passed through the semiconductor, the electrons give off energy in form of protons and ultimately produces light. LED lighting poles are very efficient as they give off very little waste and produce light instantly. Other gas-based lights require some time to heat up before producing light and produce and of heat and waste energy as well.

Lighting poles have played an important part in our lives. They serve as guiding lights to our destination and keep us safe at night. Without them, our world will literally be a much darker place to live in.

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