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All about Portable Toilets

4/22/2015 5:45:47 PM | by Ai Chun

Portable Toilets

In planning an outdoor activities or event, people always consider the availability of toilets on the venue and to accommodate the necessity of toilets, Temporary Toilets or Portable toilets are used. These portable toilets should be hygienic, easy to use and easy to install.

Portable toilets are moveable enclosure that contains chemical toilet, designed with a bowl filled with substance like disinfectant to reduce the unnecessary smell in the holding tank.

Portable Toilets or Porta Potty industry started in the year 1940’s in Long Beach, California at ship building yards and the first portable toilet was made from metal and wood which was so heavy to transport. In 1970’s, Portable Toilets made from fiber glass was introduced and improved in mid-1970’s when it became a portable toilet made from polyethylene.

These Portable Toilets are usually used as temporary toilet for massive and out of vicinity range location for occasions like large gathering, construction sites, festivals, sports events, emergency services and many more. This type of toilet has a limited capacity because of its location and size that is needed to be emptied as soon as possible every time it gets full.

There are many types of available Mobile Toilets now in the market, where you can buy or rent it. Here are some types of portable toilets.

Types of Portable Toilets

• Cold Wash Portable Toilets – known as the standard or typical portable toilet, this unit is mainly or ideal to used in construction sites and events.
• Hot Wash Portable Toilet – this type of portable toilet can provide hot water with larger wash basin that can accommodate full fore arm for washing and cleaning. This Hot Wash Portable Toilet typically requires electrical supply.
• Disabled Portable Toilets - this portable toilet has the same features of Cold Wash Portable Toilets and Hot Wash Portable Toilet, however it has additional features which will secure the occupants such as non-slip flooring, low level toilet and grab rails.
• Main Connection Toilet – this Main Connection Toilet is allowed to use if the main sewer connection is accessible, this portable toilet type is nearly close to the normal toilet and ideal for construction usage.

Portable toilets are one of the most useful inventions that provide long term solution for the necessity of toilets under public and construction places.

There are various advantages in acquiring Portable toilets on your location and here are some.

Advantages of Portable Toilets

• Convenience – it provides convenient solution of toilet and bathroom requirements for construction workers and people on public places.
• Versatility – This Portable toilet can be transported and positioned in many different places that has flat surface and is also easy to be removed when not in use already.
• Cost Effective – Portable Toilets are less expensive than building up a new constructed toilet for an event which can accommodate all the visitors and employees.
• Space Saver- this Portable toilet needs only a flat surface and a small area to be installed or placed.
• Safe and clean place – it will help to maintain the cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere on the location.

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