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All About Organic Products

6/18/2013 1:19:43 PM | by Anonymous

Organic Products

Organic products refer to consumer goods made from organic raw materials or organic food. A food is considered organic when it is produced without the involvement of modern synthetic methods such as processed chemical fertilizers, pesticides, irradiation and industrial solvents. This means non-synthetic pesticides are allowed. Processed food can be categorized as organic product if they only contain or at least made up of a required percentage of organic ingredients. It is not easy to determine whether a food is organic or not. Those who have access to growers who practice organic farming are fortunate for they can purchase from them directly. However, consumers who have no other option but to buy in supermarkets can only rely on the labels and check if they say “certified organic”. Besides this technique, there are other ways that supermarket consumers can do in order to tell if a product is organic.


Where the product came from is a good way to indicate whether a food is organic or not. Read the point of origin. If it directs to any local farm, there is a great chance that what you are purchasing is organic. Checking the packaging can also help you determine if the manufacturing company is dedicated to producing organic products. Food packaged from non-toxic materials will not only ensure your family’s safety, it can also show how concerned the producers are regarding their consumer’s wellbeing. Comparing the ingredients listed in organic products and commercial food is another simple method to do to make sure a product is organic. Unnatural ingredients should not be present in organic food. There is no one more knowledgeable to the type of products being sold in supermarkets than grocery clerk. They can assist you in finding foods that are really organic.


Despite of being more expensive, there are still many people who prefer consuming organic products. The reasons could be because growing and eating them are not only advantageous to people’s health but also to the environment. The consumption of organic foods is beneficial to human for various reasons. Organic foods contain higher nutritional levels, vitamins and minerals. They also have cancer-fighting antioxidants which is a concern of many. A food is considered organic when they are not grown with synthetic pesticides and chemical additives. This means the consumers would be prevented from eating foods exposed to chemicals which are the main cause of cancers. A meat, on the other hand, is identified to be organic if the animal has not taken antibiotics or feeds with hormones.


The farmers retain the quality of soil when they practice organic farming. Synthetic pesticides and chemicals that are left behind cause the soil to deteriorate over time. They are also washed off to bodies of water that pollutes them. Since organic farmers are expected to provide high-quality goods, they are required to undergo stricter government regulations. Organic products that have passed the examination conducted by the government organization concerned will be labeled before they are made available in the market. In most cases, the percentage that a food should reach is 95% to be considered organic.

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