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All About Light Fittings

8/5/2015 8:41:46 AM | by Giselle Bryce

Light Fittings

Light fittings, also known as light fixtures or luminaries, are devices that are electrically energized to produce artificial light. These light fittings require electrical connection coming from a power source that is either wired directly to have permanent lighting or include plugs used for moveable lamps.

A standard light fitting is usually composed of a fixture body and a light socket where it holds the lamp allowing it to be changed or replaced after a period of time. Some light fittings do have a switch for light control and adjustment. Various types of light fittings are used for commercial and industrial applications and are also used as architectural lighting and house lighting which includes the kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, bedroom lighting and other interior lighting and wall lighting. These are also widely used in aerospace, medicine, automotive, marine, and lighting industry itself. Some light fittings come with features such as reflectors which are used to direct light, serve as a housing for the light protection and alignment.

Types of Light Fittings

The following are some types of light fittings used in a wide range of applications:
1. Portable / Free Standing
This type of light fittings includes the desk lamp fixture or office task light luminaries.
• Balance arm lamp – also called as floating arm lamp, features its adjustable folding arm specially designed allowing the spring to counteract the force due to gravity regardless of the arm’s position.
• Gooseneck lamp – a type of flexible fixture which is often used to position a light source for reading purposes or other machining operation in the industry.
• Nightlight – a small electrical light fixture placed in dark areas for comfort and convenience.
2. Fixed
• Recessed light – also known as downlight which is usually installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling that light directly towards the ground appearing to be a narrow spotlight.
• Ceiling Dome – includes the open ceiling and the enclosed ceiling dome. It has light sources hidden inside a translucent dome constructed from glass combined with surface texturing and frosting to diffuse the light.
• Surface-mounted light – this type of fixed light fitting features the exposed finished housing. It includes the modern chandelier, sconce, pendant light fittings, strip lights, and track lighting fixtures.
• Landscape lighting and outdoor lighting – used to give lights or serve as outside wall lights on parking lots, walkways, gardens, and parks.
3. Special-purpose Lights
This type of light fittings includes the security lighting, flood light, accent light, as well as background light, task light, traffic light, etc.

How to control a Light Fitting?

There are different ways in controlling a light fitting. Light switch that is part of the light socket or power cord is the most common means to turn the lamp on and off. Other light switch comes with a light dimmer has the ability to control its brightness.

Our technology today makes the light fitting controls more advanced and convenient such as the lighting control system that is widely used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. It is an intelligent network-based solution designed to communicate with other system input and output in reference to the lighting control.

Other advance light fitting controls consist of the motion detector, as well as the control using touch, timer, and 3-way 2 circuit switch.

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