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All About Janitor Service

5/31/2013 10:29:19 AM | by Anonymous

Janitor Service

Janitor service is performed by individuals responsible for cleaning and maintenance of facilities. They usually provide services in industrial rather than domestic setting such as maids. In contrast to maid service that do domestic jobs which includes cooking, cleaning the house, ironing, grocery shopping and other household chores, people who do janitor service known as janitors work at offices, hotels, schools and hospitals to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks. Those that provide cleaning services may be considered more versatile as they can be employed in both domestic and industrial settings.


The duties of janitors differ depending on what may require to them by their employer. The cleaning task will include sweeping the floor, mopping, vacuuming, waxing, shampooing of rugs and carpets, washing walls, windows and Venetian blinds, sanitizing the bathroom, dusting furniture and others. The maintenance responsibilities cover painting, exterminating insects, restocking bathroom supplies, mowing the grass and simple repairs such as fixing leaks and replacing broken windows. The bathroom cleaning and maintenance that janitors need to perform are cleaning of mirrors and sinks, washing of toilets and urinals, emptying and cleaning of ashtrays and trash cans, polishing of tile, removing dusts to furniture and replenishing of soap, toilet paper, towel dispenser and air fresheners.


Janitors may be hired full time or part time. The employer may require them to report on a daily basis, weekly or only at night. The working schedule of janitors is commonly determined by the type of facility he will be working on. In offices, janitor services usually take place after office hours so he can do his job properly without disturbing the office employees. For facilities that require janitor service throughout the day like malls, hospitals and schools, they may require full time janitors. Janitors working full time typically have a schedule like regular office employees. They will be required to complete 8 hours of work a day or at least 40 hours a week unlike part-timer who can work only a few hours a day usually during evenings and on weekends. Since janitors are the last ones to leave premises, part of their responsibility is to make sure that doors and windows are locked, lights and electrical devices are turned odd and alarm are set. This is to ensure that the facility is secured from burglars.


A janitor may be assigned to perform outdoor maintenance as well. In countries with winter season, the janitors are hired to shovel snow and apply salt to walkways and driveways to make them passable. Other outdoor maintenance can include mowing of grass, a bit of gardening and applying pesticides on plants. Being a janitor does not require high educational background. However, they may be required to attend certain training if they will be assigned to perform a special task. If a janitor is under an employment agency, he may be given an in-house training so they will be knowledgeable of janitor service skill before they are deployed to the employers. A janitor under agencies or cleaning services may be assigned to more than one employer. Most facilities such as hotels and hospitals obtain janitor service from cleaning services as they require round the clock janitorial attention.

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