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All about concrete pumping and the equipment used

7/3/2015 2:58:26 PM | by Anonymous

Concrete Pumping Equipment Rental Service

Concrete pumping is a flexible, efficient, and fast method of placing a concrete for a project. A concrete pump is a machine used to transport liquid concrete through pumping. It usually consists of a piston pump featuring hundreds of atmosphere that it can produce. This pump can push the heterogeneous concrete mixes which are the aggregate and the cement.

A concrete pump has two types, the trailer mounted boom concrete pump and the truck mounted concrete pump. The trailer mounted boom concrete pump is attached to a truck having a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm. It is capable of pumping very high volume of concrete that makes it suitable to use in large construction projects. Another type which is the truck-mounted concrete pumps and referred as a line pump is mounted on a truck requiring steel or flexible hoses which are linked together towards the place where concrete would be placed. This type is commonly used for applications where low volume of concrete is needed such as sidewalks, ground slabs and concrete slabs. Other types of concrete pumps are used in tunnels and mines.

Concrete pumping equipment coming from various contractors makes the modern construction possible. This heavy machinery with high pressure pumps as well as its boom and long lines allows transferring valuable material in hard to reach areas. This helps construction projects such as large buildings to be economically feasible. It makes the job to be completed on a short period of time as well as reducing the manpower needed, therefore it saves overhead cost.

Renting construction machinery that matches a specific application as well as the cement to be mixed also reduces costs while increasing the efficiency. There are different pumps serving various applications which are now offered by large companies, contractors, and concrete pump rental services inside and outside the country. These concrete pumps are classified with its wide range of characteristics and specifications.

Stationary Concrete Pumps
• Concrete Pump with “Rock Valve” – it is employed for jobs where large stones or aggregates are used. It has a system that includes a valve shifting from cylinder to cylinder and pumps the concrete using one outlet.
• Concrete Pump System with Balls – it consists of two chambers that are separated by steel balls. The concrete cylinders absorbed the pumped material and allow passing through the outlet.
• Concrete Pump with “S Valve” – it provides high pressure pumping wherein it is composed of a single valve where the concrete passes.

Boom Pumps and Concrete Pump Trucks
• Concrete Boom Trucks – it is comprised of a large truck which has powerful pump kit allowing maximum speed and work efficiency.
• Line Pump – it is a type of pump that can be moved throughout the work. It is commonly used for pumping mortar, grout, sludge, and other materials used for construction jobs.
• Stationary Pump – pumps that are capable of placing concrete on areas that are difficult to reach. It is mounted on a strong fame pouring large amounts of concrete over long distances.

In choosing the right concrete pumping equipment rental service, you should consider the following:
• Size of the stone or the aggregate being pumped
• Concrete mix design
• How much volume of concrete to be pumped
• Distances (horizontal and vertical)

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