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What is air monitoring equipment used for?

9/17/2013 10:27:29 AM | by Anonymous

Air Monitoring Equipment

Air monitoring equipment are tools used to monitor the air. This is part of the environmental monitoring process. Environmental monitoring are the activities and processes needed to take place in order to monitor and characterize the current standard or quality of the surrounding environment. The environmental monitoring process usually takes place before and environmental impact assessment, which is used to assess any negative impacts on the environment such as any human activities that may harm the environment in any way. The information collected by the air monitoring equipment will be used to analyze the current status of the environment or establish certain trends in the environmental parameters. Thus, it is important to establish the goal and purpose of a monitoring program to determine what air monitoring equipment is required.

Environmental Parameters

There are a few types of parameters when it comes to determining which air monitoring equipment to use. The first parameter would be chemical which addresses acid rain, greenhouse gases, halogenated hydrocarbons and synthetic hormone analogues.

The next parameter would be biological parameters, which monitors the direct effect of any factors or activities impacting plants or animals. Results are obtained based on the status of the living objects. For example, if the area experiences acid rain then the fishes would be sampled to see if there are any abnormalities. This is usually where air monitoring equipment comes into play.

The next parameter would be radiological parameters, which aims to monitor the amount of radiation present at a certain area. Efforts have been increased, especially after the nuclear accident that occurred in Japan as there is a high risk of over exposure to harmful radiation. A system of deployable and fixed networks is usually installed at certain locations to monitor the amount of radiation present.

The next parameter would be microbiological which monitors certain groups of microbiological organisms in areas such as the aquatic environment where the water may be used for drinking or where water is used in places such as swimming. This parameter usually focuses on pathogens.
The final parameter would be populations, which monitors the area and the population level of that area. Monitoring efforts will go to waste if the area is not populated.

Sampling methods used to collect monitoring information

There are a few methods and tools that can be used to collect information, the tools include air monitoring equipment. The first method that can be used will grab samples. This simple method involves collecting a specimen, usually water in a single container. The sample provides good information on the current status of that environment. This method usually involves collecting the specimens at different times of the day for consistency. The tools used include depth samples which can be set at a certain depth and collect the samples from that depth. However, when collecting information from places such as the ocean, it is hard to establish a baseline making this method slightly less effective.

The next method would be passive sampling, which reduces the need of infrastructure at the location that is to be sampled. These samplers are good as they can be easily produced and disposed of, thus it is possible to install more of such samplers which in effect covers more area and collects more data. A few examples of these samplers include air sampling pumps and chemcatchers.

Another method that can be used would be remote surveillance. This refers to data that is collected on the sampling site and the samplers use electronic measuring equipment such as air monitoring equipment to monitor the area. The monitoring equipment is usually connected to a base station that governs all the data and information collected through the equipment. This method is often used for sites whereby an accident has just happened, so that immediate action can be taken if trigger levels are exceeded.


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