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Air Compressors Maintenance and Services

10/29/2015 5:48:59 PM | by Kim Chew

air compressor repair service

Proper upkeep of an air compressor is essential to make certain that it operates efficiently as well as is risk-free to utilize. Compressors that are not preserved effectively could quit operating and can additionally endanger you security while utilizing it. If you have an air compressor you have to recognize the best ways to successfully maintain and keep the tool.


Air Compressors Proper Maintenance


Safety Valve:

The safety valve or pop off valve is a tiny component on the control system that immediately launches the air from the tank if the pressure in the storage tank goes beyond the pre-specified optimum. This stops the storage tank from rupturing due to high pressure. In order to guarantee that it's functioning properly you have to check it regular by drawing the safety valve to ensure that it pops back to its original area. It needs to launch air from the storage tank at any offered time and also needs to pop back at around forty to fifty PSI. If it does refrain from doing this it has to be replaced.


Oil Adjustment:


You need to see to it that the oil degree does not go below the red dot on the oil degree sight glass. The oil needs to be altered every three months. To transform oil you will certainly need to.


1. Run the device for a little while and enable the oil to warm up
2. Unplug the unit
3. Hold a frying pan under the pump end
4. Remove the oil drainpipe plug and actually permit the oil to gather in the frying pan
5. Replace the drainpipe plug
6. Fill up the oil container with brand-new oil.


You should also make use of "SAE quality 30" air compressor oil. DO NOT make use of electric motor oil as it could block valves and actually reduce the life of the system.




Generally every air compressor has an air filter set up on the consumption opening. Nonetheless, if all yours does not then you reached install one yourself. You need to check the air filter periodically. You can do this by removing the air filter housing cover. If the filter is filthy after that you must have it changed to ensure smooth functioning of the unit.

Drain the Container:


Many individuals forget to drain the container after utilizing the system. This could cause corrosion development inside the container. You need to consistently drain wetness from the storage tank by unplugging the drain shutoff at the end of the container.



You must see to it you maintain your air compressor tidy in any way times. You should clean up debris off from the motor, flywheel, storage tank, air lines and actually pump air conditioning fins. All of this needs to be done while the device is unplugged.



When not in use, the air compressor needs to be saved in a cool, dry area. The container has to be drained of all wetness. Disconnect all the pipes and also hang them with the open ends down to drain any kind of wetness that could possibly still exist in them.


It is incredibly vital to keep in mind that all repair services of the device should be embarked on by an authorized service rep and not by any person else.

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