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Air Cleaning and Purifying Equipment – Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

3/5/2012 12:57:54 PM | by Anonymous

Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment

Air pollution is one of the major risks to human health. The air contains particles or debris that needs to be filtered by using air cleaning and purifying equipment. The dangerous substances found in air once inhaled can cause health problems. The air pollution’s effect on health depends on a person’s total exposure. One can experience short term effect like irritation to the eyes, throat and nose including upper respiratory infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis. Other symptoms of short term effects are headaches, allergic reactions and nausea. Frequent exposure to air pollution can cause long term effects such as lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease, heart disease and even damage to the nerves, brains, kidneys or liver.


We normally think that air pollution is found in smog, CFC’s, acid rain and other forms. However, little did we know that pollution inside our home and workplace may be worse. Indoor pollutants are spread while cooking, cleaning and redecorating our houses. Damp basements, bathroom and even carpets and furniture can be the cause of air pollution. Offices are usually enclosed and the indoor air is re-circulated throughout the building. If this air is contaminated, it can easily affect the employees which can be a set back to the company’s productivity. The companies will have to spend a lot to shoulder the medical expense of its employees. Employees of manufacturing plants and production companies are mostly exposed to dangerous chemicals and gases. These companies purchase air cleaning and air purifying equipment in order to keep their employees and workers healthy. The available air cleaning and purifying equipment are air filters, air cleaners, charcoal filters, HEPA filters, ionizers, dust collectors, vacuum systems, fume exhaust, odor control and a lot more.


No matter how we avoid using products that cause air pollution, the dangerous substances the air contains will not be removed. Turning to air cleaning and purifying equipment can bring clean air which is essential in promoting the health of homeowners, employees and business owners.

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