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Agarwood and Its Uses

5/10/2012 2:04:31 PM | by Anonymous


Agarwood, which can also be known as oodh or just agar is an aromatic wood that belongs to the Thymelaceace family and commonly forms in Aquilaria or Gyrinops trees when infected with a certain type of mold. They could be commonly found in the rainforests of Asian countries but are now considered endangered. Before the infection, the heartwood that is present on the Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees is light and pale in colour. In response to the infection, the tree produces a very dark and aromatic resin which can also be known as agarwood.

Agarwood is very rare and expensive in the world due to the fact that it is now endangered and hard to obtain. As it has a very pleasing odor and the oil that can be extracted from it has many uses, it gained a lot of cultural and religious significance since the ancient times. The scent of agarwood is claimed to allow a person to achieve a very peaceful and pleasant state of mind. Therefore, for thousands of year it has been used to manufacture incense that is burnt during meditation and prayer.

It is said that agarwood scent allows an individual to achieve a level of deep inner peace and increasing energy levels in a body. It even has medicinal values and being used in traditional Malay and Chinese medicine. Some applications of the medicine include treatment for respiratory and heart-related problems. As agar oil does not contain alcohol, it is used as the base oil for manufacturing perfumes in the Arabic countries. Also, the oil in its pure can even be used for various purposes. Many perfume manufacturers also used agar oil as their base oil in manufacture.

Not all agarwood is the same as there can be slight differences in their aroma. The scent can be sweet, spicy or salty. The most profound smell is that of Kayara, which combines all flavors in one single piece of agarwood. There are people around the world who are so familiar with the scent of agarwood that they can determine the place of origin of a piece of it just from the smell.

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