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Aerators and Their Uses

5/10/2012 2:04:29 PM | by Anonymous


Aeration is the process by which water is passed through a liquid or substance in order for it to dissolve or for them to mix. Aeration can be natural or done through man-made mechanisms. Its main purpose is to increase the area of contact between water and air to improve physical and chemical properties of water. However, it can have various purposes and methods. Natural methods of aeration, which can be referred to as natural aeration are much slower than man-made methods. That is when the use of aerators comes in.

An example of simple aeration in your home can be the mouth of the water faucet. It uses simple fine pore membrane diffuser to increase the surface area of water in contact with the air. This improves the quality of water. The other advantageous effects of aeration are to smooth the flow of water coming out of the water faucet, increase oxygen content of water and even to treat sewage or industrial wastewater. How effective an aerator is depends on the size of the holes which let out the gas into the water. If the size is small, it would generate more bubbles in the water with more surface area. As there is more surface area in contact with the water, the transmission of oxygen to water would increase. Floating aerators are good example of aerators used in treatment of sewage or industrial waste water and oxidation of rivers and lakes. They work in a similar way to fountains but they are floating on water.

The mechanism that floating surface aerators use is done by extracting water which is just a few feet below the surface and by utilizing the contact to transfer oxygen. They do not propel water into the air but instead disrupt the water at the surface area by pumping air into it. A downside of floating aerators is that they can only oxidize the water near the surface and not the bottom of the water body. A substitute for floating surface aeration can be coarse aeration which is subsurface. It makes use of an on-shore air compressor that pumps air through a hose to a unit placed at the bottom of the water body.

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