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Advantages of using Fire Alarm System

11/19/2015 5:16:40 PM | by Langib Matwa


A fire alarm system is variety of devices collaborating to identify and alert people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide gas or other emergency situations are present. These alarms might be triggered from heat detectors and smoke detectors. They may as well be activated through Manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations.


There are two main types of smoke alarm systems: standard and addressable.


Conventional fire alarm systems - cable line out of the control panel and ending with a last (end of line) component, typically a resistor. Detectors and manual call points are connected along the cable television line. Organized in this way lines are called standard areas (traditional zones).


Addressable emergency alarm systems - cable line, which connects different devices, begin with the control board and return to him. Lines of addressable systems are called circles or loops (optics loops). These lines enable complete identification of each circuit device mounted on an individual address that it has, which is the primary benefit of these systems.


Advantages of addressable compared with conventional fire alarm systems:


- Allows precise tracking and positioning of fire due to individual address of the activated gadget;

- The movement of information is two-way - from the control panel to the alarm/ signaling devices and vice versa. To name a few advantages, such as constantly keeping an eye on of the device status, this structure keeps working ability in the event of cable television failure, unlike traditional systems;

- Permits minimizing the length of cable televisions had to build a system making use of smaller sized and ideal length of the cable, unlike standard systems;

- Shop details about the state of addressable gadgets and occasions taking place in the system;

- Permit structure pads to the group, which might be made use of in traditional gadgets - that is addressable by the application of added modules and both cable televisions are saved.


The fire alarm systems, enables you to get much bigger amounts of details from smoke alarm gadgets, are called intelligent. They are an unique kind of addressable systems where the values of the gadgets are processed by a microprocessor control panel in accordance with the algorithms set out therein, which helps to significantly reduce incorrect bedding. The values of analog detectors can be: regular, needed maintenance, damage, pre-alarm, alarm, and so on. Smart systems have the possibility of simultaneous and constant processing of numerous signals, taking into consideration the optimum variety of signal attributes (energy, amplitude, speed modification, and so on).


An essential method for assisting in place of fire and evacuation of individuals in the building is zoning. It consists in grouping of devices in the lines (standard or addressable) within particular locations and enables the separation of the site to an appropriate variety of sub-zones. Zones should be divided into different fire for the function of evacuation. In dividing the site over a variety of areas, the fire is detected more rapidly and quickly. Activation of a zone in the system can be indicated at the control board and by light signals through LED indicators. Factors such as floors, escape paths, stairs and so on should be taken into consideration in the procedure of zone configuration.


In conventional systems, activation of one system of the zone provides an indication on the control board to trigger the entire zone, without suggesting the specific place/ gadget. For that reason, in this type of system is recommended portable detectors and automatic detectors to be organized in different locations. Normally in these systems the scope of the area matches the number of set up gadgets in one line. It is not suggested to set up more than 32 devices on one zone - constraints on the maximum safeguarded area and hence the failure of one or more detectors does not affect substantially the performance of the whole system.


The modern fire alarm system relies on a network of devices and apparatus that assist it to function in a best method, a perfect way meaning the outright ideal method of avoiding a fire, these tools are normally made from some certain components and every element should be in prime shape.


The control panels of smoke alarm systems is the brain of the emergency alarm system, the control panel would be the main connection between your smoke alarm system and the primary station. It would enable anyone to keep track of the circumstance in your home. Smoke and heat detectors are also important, this is a variable that depends greatly on the choices and budget that you may have for your smoke alarm system. While there are many expensive items on the marketplace. You can likewise find fairly inexpensive items, who can serve you would simply as well. You can always believe about purchasing additional pieces or make slight modifications to the detectors. According to your choices.


The standard thing to know about smoke and heat detectors is that they are turned on by substantial modification in temperature, indicating there is a heat source someplace in the place, naturally the heat detector would analyze that signal at for all the fire in the room that is developing. Some detectors are configured to alarm when they notice a stressing amount of specific particles or chemicals in the environment, this is a much clearer identifier of the presence of fire in the area.

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