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Advantages of Uniforms

4/30/2012 10:30:47 AM | by Anonymous


Uniforms can be seen everywhere. From Mcdonald’s to schools, every organization requires its participants to wear a uniform. A uniform is what an individual would wear when taking part in the actions of an organization. Uniforms have been around since the early times. Even the soldiers in ancient history had standard uniforms they need to wear. Uniforms have become a part of our daily lives. Wearing uniforms have shown advantages over time


In schools, where everyone is made to wear a standard uniform eliminates inequality. The school might have students from well off families as well as families that are not that rich. Uniforms let the learners not to be classified through social classes. If students are permitted to wear anything they want, the poor would not be able to afford expensive clothes whereas the rich would show off their expensive clothing and this would create social barriers between the two groups. Uniforms also allow for decent dressing. Professionals declare that a child in a school uniform is more likely to study well compared to those who are not in uniforms. Wearing a uniform would suggest that the student is actually attending school and as many Singaporean gaming arcades do not allow student in uniform to enter their premise, uniforms would ensure students do not skip school to go to gaming arcades.


Some companies require their staff to wear uniforms. For example, the service staff has to wear the same uniform like most employees whereas those in managerial positions can wear different coloured uniforms. This allows for easy identification of the person in-charge and those involved in the service. Uniforms in prisons are also important as the prison guards can easily identify the inmates. Wearing one also allow for the organization to feel united as one team. When soldiers wear the same uniform and fight wars, they feel the similar team spirit to fight for their country. This applies to sports teams who wear the same uniform to feel united as one. As a uniform would have that organization’s logo; anyone caught doing anything illegal or wrong can be easily identified.

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