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Advantages of Saving Money in Banks

3/9/2012 5:59:39 PM | by Anonymous


Banks are business establishments that generally accept deposits and make loans. Entrusting our money to them gives a feeling of security and safety. Aside from keeping our money away from burglars, opening a savings account at banks has other advantages.

Banks let us save money. Not having an access to our money prevents us from spending them. Having a bank account allows a person to take advantage of their services and features. Savings account accrues interest so you are earning from them as well. You can receive higher revenue by engaging to time deposits. If you do not want carrying cash with you because of safety issues, features like checking account and debit card can be obtained. Both can be used in place of money to pay bills and to purchase items on food establishments, grocery stores and malls. Once you established a good relationship with this financial institution, you can apply for personal loans such as loans for cars, houses or education; as well as business loans and most likely get approved. Another great feature of banks is online banking. It allows you to pay your bills, access your account history and record transactions online. Transferring money between accounts wherever you are is made possible by online banking. This feature is taken advantage because of the convenience it brings. Since online banking can be easily accessed, one has to be careful not to leave your account logged in. If using public computers, it is advisable to clear cookies after accessing the account online.

These are just some of the advantages of saving money in the bank. Dealing less with physical cash also teaches us the habit of saving. Rates of interest of savings account differ depending on how much you saved. The more money you keep in the bank, the higher the interest will be.

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