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Advantages of Riding Bicycles

8/2/2013 8:35:38 AM | by Anonymous


Bicycle or bike as it is frequently called is a machine with two wheels connected to a frame that can be run by human power. The person who uses a bicycle is referred to as bicycle rider, bicyclist or cyclist. A bike is used by sitting on the seat and holding on to the wheel to bring the bike into balance. In order for the bike to move, the feet need to step on the pedal down found in the middle of the bike. As the feet start to pedal in up and down movement, the chain around it will move bringing the wheels attached to it to work. How fast a bicycle can go depends on the speed of the pedaling of a person. Its movement can be stopped by jamming the front brake or pulling the back brake.


The two most popular types of bikes are mountain bikes and road bikes. Road bikes are favored by people who are after speed while mountain bike is known for its stability. There are other areas considered to determine the differences between the two. Handle bars of road models are bent and lower to allow more aerodynamic. The cyclist needs to hunch-over but this position can generate more power from the rider’s legs. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, have wide handle bars to permit greater riding control. In terms of weight, mountain bikes are purposefully built heavy, with extensive suspension systems and wider tires so going down the mountain would be manageable. This is in contrast to road bikes that use thin tires and would loose all excess weight as much as possible. Professional cyclists typically use mountain bikes but the structure can be customized depending on what surface they will be riding their bicycles on. Those who have this type can use it for down-hilling, free riding, cross country, trailing, street-urban riding and dirt jumping


Learning and experiencing how to bike have great advantages especially for kids. It takes some skill in order to ride a bike. The youth would learn how control and create a balance or he would certainly fall or crash on a wall. It can be a starting point of learning the rules of the street before he reached the age that he can finally drive a car. Know when you need to keep right, left or when you should take turns to every direction. He will be taught of the importance of safety as accidents can occur anytime while on the street.


Riding a bicycle serves as a form of exercise. It is comparable to jogging and running but without the strain. Maintaining balance so you would not fall off while cycling helps in strengthening the muscle of the lower abdomen. It is also considered a good cardiovascular exercise. This is the reason why there are gym equipment designed after bicycles. However, it is still best to ride a real bicycle so you can also enjoy the surroundings. You can also do this activity together with your family or friends.

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