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Advantages of Packings

5/4/2012 8:25:21 AM | by Anonymous


The water flowing out of our faucet passes through pipes. Pipes are responsible whether our faucet will supply a sufficient amount of water. If suddenly you notice that it is taking forever for you to shower because a few water is coming out, it is possible that you have leaking pipes.


Water contains substances that cause metal pipes to corrode. Even those made from copper which is known for being resistant to corrosion will still fail after some time because of changes in water chemistry. This means time will come that your pipes will be requiring repair or replacement. They can be fixed by sealing off leak holes with the use of packings or replacing tubes with new ones.


Repairing of pipes is tedious. New pipe installation tends to be costly since several tubes are needed to create a long single line that would deliver water in all parts of the house. Since it involves working in all tubes inside the house, expect that it will take a while to finish. You will also have to shell out a lot of money for buying new pipes and paying several days worth of labor cost.


Another way of fixing damaged pipes is by blocking leak holes with sealing materials. Packings are built from materials that can prevent gases or liquids from penetrating it. It is also designed to withstand high pressure. Packing does not only function as a sealing material but also a cover for the tube because of its thickness. Different packings are created for various applications. Industries like automobile and marine make use of this sealing device because of its durability and versatility.


Pipe corrodes over time. It is inevitable no matter how durable the material used. You can go through the hassle of installing new pipes or you can simply shut down the leakage by wrapping around the hole with packings.

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