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Advantages of Hand Dryers

7/9/2013 4:08:28 PM | by Anonymous

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are electrical devices that generate heat when turned on. The use of hand dryer has many advantages. It is energy efficient, cost effective and prevents vandalism. Even though the device and its installation tend to be costly, there is no need to spend for one time use paper towels that when summed up could be more expensive in the long run. They are also considered more hygienic and environment friendly as there would not be a case of trash overload due to paper towels. Readily available paper towels everywhere also tends people to excessively use them increasing the need for more trees to be cut down. Throwing of paper towels in toilets are also prevented which is the usual cause of clogging of toilets and sinks. Because of these advantages, hand dryers are beginning to replace paper towels in many public washrooms.


The differences between the various types of hand dryers can be determined by the way they operate. Some work by pressing a button or automatically through an infrared sensor. The former is the least costly type and only uses between 110 to 120 volts thus making it cost efficient. Most of push button hand dryer automatically stops after 80 seconds but can already dry up a hand in 45 seconds. Some of this type is designed with rotating nozzle allowing it to be used for drying face and hair. Automatic hand dryers, on the contrary, only turns on when it detected a person’s hand and automatically turns off when the hand is removed. This type is increasingly gaining popularity to many businesses as it also uses 110 to 120 volts of electricity and its automatic feature is considered a great energy saver.


There are few factors that have to be considered before installing hand dryers. There should be an electrical outlet in the washroom. Many owners look at this as the main concern for setting up of electrical outlet at an existing structure would require a lot of work. However, the device’s being cost efficient makes it possible for businesses to easily recover the expenses. The owner might also need to do some maintenance on the device from time to time when it got broken. Unlike paper towels, hand dryers do not have accessible parts that can break from constant use so the need for repairs would be very infrequent. Some companies even claim that their machine would not break for 20 years even without regular maintenance and even more if utilized with proper care.


The presence of hand dryers in public washrooms is beneficial not only to businesses but also to users. Hand dryers will be constantly available unlike paper towels that run out. Businesses, on the other hand, do not need to hire someone to restock the paper towel, empty the trash bins and clean up the towels on the floor because of trash overload or improper disposal. Even though this is yet to be proved, there are studies that say hand dryers are more effective than paper towels in reducing the bacteria on the hands. The heat that hand dryers generate is told to be capable of killing the bacteria and the longer one exposed his hand to the heat, the more germs will be exterminated.

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