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Advantages of Glass Partitions

8/28/2013 10:18:45 AM | by Anonymous


Partitions denote privacy and divisions on spaces. We can see houses with concrete partitions for different parts of the house such as for the bed room, dining room, bath room and kitchen. Concrete is preferred as it lessens noise from getting in to the room. It is usually a different scenario in the office as building concrete divisions tend to be costly. We can typically find wood, glass and aluminium partitions. There are also now sliding and portable partitions which allow creating an open space quickly and easily.


Among the partitions mentioned, glass panel is gaining popularity the most. The use of glass partitions holds several advantages. It undoubtedly brings aesthetic appearance to a room. An office with mounted glass partitions looks cozy and elegant. They can be made with frameless panels bringing more class on the design. A business with well-organized office can build credibility to visiting clients. Having their own workspace makes employees feel important to the company. They are being taken care of and an asset to the company. Nice office space to work at can also make employees inspired and look forward going to work.


Glass walls give an illusion of bigger space so many partitions can be done maximizing the office space. Business owner would not have to worry about employees ranting about how little space they are provided with. Another advantage of glass partitions is energy efficiency. Glass distributes the light that strikes to it. Offices can rely on natural light coming from the window as the light coming in would be spread out. Businesses can generate big savings for not having the need to turn on the light during the day time. Glass partitions have soundproofing properties which is ideal in offices so employees would be undisturbed while at work. Some partitions of this material even meet the fire protection standards.


Glass, like other materials, is certainly customizable. Even though being ordered often as clear translucent tempered glass, they can also come with acrylic inserts, decals, etching and others. They can be as high as the ceiling and can be produced in the color of your choice. Glass partitions are also offered in three styles which include frameless, wood surrounded and aluminium surrounded partitions. When installing glass partition walls, no guides or floor tracks are needed as they are suspended from tracks above. To make sure that the partitions are secure on its place, floor pins are attached to it. A great feature of glass partitions is its ability to be relocated as it allows them to be easily carried when a company moved to another office.


The design of glass partitions is limitless as they can come from plain or intricate colors or be installed with no other material but glass or can work with wood or steel. No matter what style, glass partitions gives out a visually appealing effect in the office just like how a colorful glass partition can bring life to a room even to an employee working alone in an enclosed space.

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