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Advantages of Aircraft Charter and Rental Service

3/5/2012 11:04:37 AM | by Anonymous

Aircraft Charter, Rental & Leasing Service

When you are engaged in a business that requires a lot of traveling, flying through an aircraft charter instead of a commercial airline can be more advantageous. In commercial airlines, you have to pass security checks, have to wait for departure and the baggage you can carry is limited. If you fly via an aircraft charter, a lot of time can be saved since you do not have to spend a long time on the airport and you can bring more baggage. It is beneficial too to those who frequently have to take short notice flights. You do not have to go through booking flights and choosing schedules that may not be suitable for you.


Aircraft charter and rental service has a lot of advantages. We can learn about each one while discussing the types of aircraft charter. The four types of aircraft charter are air taxi, ad hoc, frequent membership and full (public) charter. Air taxi is the most recent aircraft charter service. It is offering “per-seat, on-demand jet services” and can bring you on non-services airports. Ad hoc aircraft charter refers to the renting of an entire aircraft. This is applicable to those who do not frequently travel but is time bound, an individual who have an urgent meeting to attend to, a corporation that has to travel in a group and cannot find an available flight to accommodate all of them or to those who simply wants a private aircraft for his travel. Frequent Charter Membership has a dedicated aircraft to service you. It is for those who frequently travel at short notice. The dedicated aircraft charter and rental service can give extended benefits to their customers. Full (Public) Charter is usually the long term renting of an entire plane. It is for those who needs an aircraft in their business operations but do not have the required infrastructure. Tour operators that require aircraft on a regular basis usually undertakes the aircraft charter service.


If you frequently travel, engaging in an aircraft charter and rental service would be the best option. Find out which of the types of aircraft charter is right for you.

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