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Instruments for Paint, Ink, Coating & Plastic Testing

Specialise in: Ink Rub Testers, Ink Proof Machines, Cones & Plate / Spindle / KU Viscometers, Laboratory UV Curing Machines, Printing Colour Densitometers, Paint Mixers / Shakers / Stirring Machines, Hand-Held Mixers, Black & White Opacity Test Charts, Paper & Glue Testers.

GENERAL LABORATORY: pH meters, Conductivity Meters, Water Circulating Baths / Chillers, Hot Plates / Stirrers, Electronic Balances, Lab Ovens / Environmental Chambers, Reactor Glasswares, Tensile Testing Machines and Turnkey Engineering Projects, etc.

Coating Solutions Made Easy

Color-Matching Cabinets, Gloss and Opacity Meters, Fineness of Grind Gauges, Ford Cups, Zahn Cups, DIN Cups, Cross-Cut Testers, Pencil Hardness Testers, Mandrel Bending Testers, Cupping Testers, Linear Rubbing Abrasers, Wet Abrasion Scrub Testers, Hand Ink Proofers, Paint Shakers, Spindle Viscometers LVT & Kerb Unit (KU) Viscometers. Short and Long Wire Applicators, Wet Film Applicators, Falling Impact Testers ASTM and ISO, UV Lamps Water-Spray Weathering Chamber, All-New Automatic Fineness-of Grind Gauges, Automatic Film Applicators, All Kind of Paint / Ink / Coating Testing Equipment.

Laboratory High-Speed Dispersers/Mixers Series: CV, AE, CN, CA, CD, LH, FE and F105 Vacuum Dispersers/ Mixers: VE/VL models, Horizontal Bead Milling Machines: SL-C/SL-M Series Torusmill Dispersion/Basket Milling Machines Series: TML-1, TM-10, TM-100, TM-500 and TM-750

Glossmeters, Hazemeters, Color Spectrophotometers, Orange-Peel Meters, Gradient Ovens & Industrial Ovens Data Recorders, Paint/Ink/Coating Testing Instruments and Equipment.

• Cone and Plate Viscometers
• Kerbs Unit (or KU)
Viscometer, KR140
• Pressure Density Cups
• Calibration Oils

Widely used by Paint and Ink Manufacturers, Resin Manufacturers, Additive and Specialty Chemical Industries


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