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Adaptors and Their Uses

5/10/2012 2:04:28 PM | by Anonymous


In this era where technology has advanced, we depend on our technological gadgets for almost everything. Be it for listening to music, sharing files or even doing bank transfers, electronic gadgets are a key part of life. What if you were to go to another country whose power sockets in the walls do not support the pins structure on your electrical gadget’s charger? That is when the role of adaptors comes in. Adaptors are constructed with the ability to adjust one device’s attributes so that it can be compatible with another system or device. This allows for the portability of devices such as mobile phones, laptop PCs, and iPads so that they can be used more conveniently anywhere. However, be sure that you are using the right adaptor as using a wrong one can damage you device.

Adaptors can be in different forms for various purposes such as in the form of power cords that allow you to connect to power plugs or in the form of memory card readers. There are many variations as to how adaptors are used as they can even be built inside your electrical devices as a part of the system inside to control power supply. Power converters are a good example of adaptors used to convert alternating current into direct.

An electronic adaptor enables connection of a power socket that may be used in one country; for example Australia, to that of a plug used in another country; for example China. The adaptor offers this by having disparate contact arrangements, without affecting the voltage. A variation of these types of adaptors can be the universal plugs that have swappable plug ends which allow it to be used with different types of sockets. Some even come with a switch that allows you to adjust the output of the voltage. This can be very useful when you are dealing with appliances that do not require high voltage. USB adaptors that are present in every PC or laptop are also a form of adaptors as they allow you to connect various devices to the computer.

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