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Understanding ACMV System and its Function

3/26/2015 1:42:41 PM | by Chang Liu

Acmv Installation Service

ACMV or Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System is a cooling system designed to give proper ventilation to a specific environment. ACMV System maybe a customized air conditioning system installed in any industrial, commercial or household setup. The ACMV system is responsible in controlling the amount of cool air going in to a specific venue reaching the target point as required and designed. This temperature regulation also includes other factors that may affect the quality of fresh air in an area like balanced distribution of oxygen, proper level of air humidity as well as elimination of foul odors, high thermic environment, air impurities, excess carbon dioxide and other floating bacteria that may exist in high humid surroundings.

What is Ventilation?

Knowing the exact definition of ventilation helps in further understanding of ACMV System. Ventilation is the process in which the air that circulates the room or any space is changed by either natural or mechanical or forced method to sufficiently maintain the quality of indoor air.

The cheapest way in achieving proper ventilation is through Natural Ventilation. This ventilation allows the free movement of fresh air from outside to the inside of any building, establishment or residence with the use of accessible window or trickle vent that may vary according to many factors like location, orientation, dimension, layout, type and urban condition of the building involved. If any case like the months of humid and heat season, Mechanical or Forced Ventilation is necessary. This method includes the use of exhaust and ceiling fans or the installation of mechanical ventilation system to control the flow rate of cool air coming through any enclosed area while achieving the perfect quality of air needed.

Capacity of ACMV System

Automation of an ACMV System is one way of saving energy with efficient operational procedure benefit to the establishment. A good ACMV System design will provide high level of performance in terms of mechanical and electrical functionality through effective air conditioning management in an entire scope covered by the system, wherein the total number of operation of an ordinary air cooling unit is reduced and at the same time lowers the consumption of energy.

Following the basic principle of air cooling, this system is assembled with refrigerant on its evaporator filled with liquid that changes to gas when heat from the air is absorbed. The gas will then be moved to the chilled coil with the use of a fan. This chilled gas will then be supplied to the outdoor environment giving it a cooler and fresher room temperature while the heated gas will be blown to the condenser to convert it back to liquid phase. This liquid-to-gas-to-liquid again is a continuous loop for an efficient cooling procedure.

A compressor is added to control the amount of cooling attainable by an ACMV System. This can be achieved by shifting the speed of the motor that drives the compressor. The faster the motor that drives the compressor, the quicker the air gets to change its phase, thus intensifying the level of coolness acquired. In some cases wherein speeding up the motor is inaccessible, additional compressors may be required.

Ducts are commonly associated to major air conditioning system to supply and maintain quality fresh air at a larger scope. These deliver the cool air to many parts of any environments like industrial and commercial from the main air cooling system which is usually installed to an open area beside or at the top of the building. Ducts may be made of galvanized steel, polyurethane or phenolic insulated, aluminium, fiberglass or those that are fire-rated materials. Proper duct planning is necessary because the materials needed vary highly on the type of establishment the ACMV System will be installed.

Every ACMV has its own unique and matching electrical control system. This electrical control system serves as the brain for the finished project to control and give commands according to what the user requires and needs. Temperature variation can be automatically done wherein a specific target (Low or high) s set. The cooling will be regulated or eventually stop once the set temperature for low is reached and will work again once high set point is attained.

ACMV System Applications and Scope of Works

Installation of ACMV System is very common to larger buildings like Hydro power Plant, Flour Milling, Semiconductor Plant, University, Hospital, Electronics Manufacturing, Factory, Hotel and Restaurants, Casino, etc.

ACMV System design may vary according to the dimension of the space needed to be cooled. One has to look for the perfect people to handle this project that includes from the design and built, installation, servicing and maintenance.

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