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Acetone and Its Hazards

5/9/2012 8:10:02 AM | by Anonymous


In simple terms, acetone is an organic chemical compound that is colorless, flammable and miscible with water. It also serves as a solvent in many products and can also be manufactured. Acetone can be recognized from its distinct smell and the fact that it evaporates very easily. Some common uses of acetone in household products would be in nail polish remover and also paint thinner. It is even produced by the human body as a product of breakdown of body fat. Some other instances where acetone occurs naturally are in plants, volcanic gases and forest fires. The air that comes out when a person smokes tobaccos also contains acetone.

Acetone is commonly used in nail polish removers as it can remove the nail polish very quickly and it also serves as a solvent. However, nail polish removers that make use of acetone also dry up the skin and nails where the remover is applied. Due to this, an alternative is made available for users who are bothered with the drying up of nails and skin. It is the nail polish removers that use fruit based solvent. However, these removers take longer to remove compared to nail polish.

Acetone can have effects on your health if you are over-exposed to it. If a small amount of acetone goes into the human body, the liver is able to break it down into chemicals that are not harmful to the body. However, if moderate to high amount of acetone enter the blood stream of humans, they can cause irritation to the nose, throat, eyes and lungs. Headaches, confusion and even unconsciousness can result from inhalation. When a person breath in moderate amounts of acetone, the early symptoms such as irritation to the lungs and skin can serve as a warning sign as to move away from the environment in order to avoid inhaling damaging amounts of acetone.

Although acetone serves useful purposes in the industry, if its usage is not monitored carefully, it can have very harmful effects.

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