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About Woodworking Machines

1/25/2013 12:33:16 PM | by Anonymous


Woodworking machines, as the name implies, are power tools utilized to process wood. Power tools are run by gasoline engine, electricity or compressed air. These machines are different from hand tools such as knives and chisels which are usually thought of every time woodworking machine is heard. There are various types of power tools where some of them can be hand-held and stationery. Their usage depends on how they will be utilized. Woodworking can be done at home or industries. Simple woodworking operations such as DIY tasks, hand-held woodworking machinery may be enough. For large scale manufacturing process, the use of larger machine is more suitable. The roles of large machines are to treat the surface or edge of the panels and to bore or pack the panels. The tasks of hand-held machineries are rather diverse as compared to large machineries. The former perform the basic methods of cutting, joining, shaping and boring as well as grinding, carving and flattening. Some example of hand-held tool for cutting is saw; jointer is for joining; lathes and woodshaping for shaping; and drill press for boring.


Great innovations had happened in the production of woodworking machinery since the development in technology. There are various methods in woodworking that can now be carried out in single unit. This type of device is called combination woodworking machine. Since it is built to be capable of performing several tasks, it allows a small manufacturing firm to save a huge amount of space since only one device instead of individual shaper, jointer and saw is needed. Combination woodworking machine is advantageous to small shop that may not have a huge room for many equipment. Also, purchasing separate devices tend to be costly. However, the worker has to manage his time when working with this machine. The machine has to be reconfigured before switching from one function to another as one can’t saw if it is arranged to perform shaping. Doing this may take several minutes leading to inefficiency. In order to use the combination woodworking machine effectively, one has to create a technique in using it like using it for a certain function for all wood pieces at once before configuring it to perform a different task. Again, the new task has to be done to many wood pieces so as to promote efficiency. Another disadvantage of this type of machine is that it would require more maintenance than dedicated woodworking machines. The maintenance and repair that one has to deal with on individual machines will be multiplied according to the number of operations it includes. But this disadvantage could be dealt differently by individual as one may even think this as advantage for he does not have to have several machines repaired but only one.


Similar to other machines, the cost of woodworking machines would depend on the features it holds and its size and quality. The combination woodworking machines that only have two capabilities tend to be less expensive than those that have more functions. A large dedicated woodworking machine, for instance a table saw, could be more expensive than small table saw and even on small combination woodworking machine. A machine that is known for giving quality result to woodworks can be expected to be pricey compared to larger machines that can not provide good finish to products.

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