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About Wire Mesh Cloth

6/11/2013 3:28:46 PM | by Anonymous


Wire mesh cloth is made from strands of metal fabric that are interconnected. The materials used in producing wire mesh cloth include steel, aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and bronze. The metal fabric can be joined together in various ways such as welding, extruding or connecting by pins. It can be easily bended allowing it to be produced in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications. The density, thickness and spacing of the weave can also vary. Insect screens and the strainers used in the kitchen are made from thin mesh while pinned mesh is applied in industries as well as gardening and landscaping. Thin wire mesh is porous allowing liquid to pass through while blocking solids from escaping. This feature is the reason why filters used in automobiles are made from wire mesh.


Thin wire mesh also has an important role in textile plants. The fine pattern will trap the airborne elements produced during the fiber processing. When not captured, these off-fly fibers could contaminate the machineries that are nearby. Placing wire mesh strategically on the machines could decrease the production of low-quality goods which will be sold at a cheaper price resulting to lower profit.


Among the types of wire mesh cloth, the most commonly used is welded wire mesh. The only materials that can be used in creating it are low-carbon steel and stainless steel because of their abilities to resist water damage and corrosion. Welded wire mesh is often applied in construction. It is used in buildings to help insulate ceilings and attics from moisture damage and air flow. It also provides foundational support when added in concrete. This is done by arranging the steel wire mesh in a certain pattern then laid down before the concrete is poured into it. The wire mesh will stabilize the concrete resulting to increased higher tensile strength. Using concrete alone tend to build brittle concrete that may easily crack or crumble. Steel rebar is also used for this application but has been replaced by steel wire mesh because the latter comes cheaper and is easier to cut to length and install. Apart from being used for construction applications, welded wire mesh can also be utilized for decorative purposes. It can be a material in building a fence yards, gardens and farms to keep animals from going inside and eat the crops or damage the garden landscape. It can also serve as a decorative fence when coated with PVC.


One of the industrial applications of wire mesh cloth is in the production of conveyor belts. When pieces of mesh are interconnected, a flexible belt is created to be used in conveyor systems for transporting goods from one place to another. The material commonly used in the production of conveyor belts is stainless steel. This type of belt is applied in industries that require a belt that could be easily and quickly washed down and features increased ventilation. The use of stainless steel is preferred when there is a need for some degree of visibility when the mesh is being used. The spaces between interconnected wire mesh made it a good insulator for industrial machines. It allows constant flow of air wherever the mesh is placed in the machine keeping it at a certain temperature.

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