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About Management Consultants

6/19/2013 12:29:39 PM | by Anonymous

Management Consultants

Management consultants are professionals who assess the effectiveness of a specific company’s management team and provide advice on how to improve business processes and structures. They will make sure that the maximum potential of the employees are achieved so that each one can effectively add up on the company’s development. Management consultants can also help in resolving of a current problem or fill in a temporary position to a company. The services they offer range from accounting services, change management, supply chain management, general management and strategy development to name a few. A management consultant can work for one company or a myriad at once.


A consultant usually offers a free consultation on new clients. He will study the structure and processes and come up with a solution regarding the problems that he observed. The main service that consultants offer to their clients is enhancement of leadership skills. They do this by evaluating the skills of every member of the management team. After the evaluation, what the consultant usually recommends is to reorganize the team, merge the existing management positions or create new positions so that more people could collectively work for the development of the company. This way, the client would be able to identify the skills and abilities of every team members and assign them where they can be most effective and efficient.


There are times when the suggestion of consultants involves working on a short-term project that would require someone knowledgeable to do the job. At most times, it is impractical for companies to spend time looking for a candidate to fill in a temporary job so the management consultant who is expected to be the perfect person to carry out his own business proposals is asked to be part of the team. Since this is an extended service, there will be a new contract or agreement between the client and the consultant on the time and duration he should devote himself to work.


Management consultants can either be certified or uncertified. Certified management consultants are those whose clients belong to a specific set of industries. These consultants have broad experience in being a consultant, gained necessary academic degrees and spent a significant amount of time working on a certain area which he could be pronounced as an expert. Even though the minimum requirement before one can be become a certified management consultant is a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, earning a Master’s degree could be a great boost to their credentials. Since the certificate can serve as a proof of how knowledgeable certified management consultants are on their fields, there is a common notion that they can attract clients more easily than uncertified consultants. The recognition of certificate differs from every country all over the world.


Certified management consultants who are expert on their chosen fields either open a private firm or work on a higher level such as a partner or associate in an existing firm. Despite of being a professional on a specific field, they should still be able to participate on other management areas which are typically part of the business structure. Their role could include managing the finance, creating a business plan or taking part in the hiring process.

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