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About Electrical Junction Boxes

6/19/2013 12:29:32 PM | by Anonymous

Electrical Junction Boxes

Electrical junction boxes are devices made of hard metal or plastic that serves as a central connection for several wirings. They serve as junctions or intersections of wirings which interface with the main electrical source. They are used to contain exposed wires to a box and prevent sparks from touching the wall that might cause fire. This means junction boxes do not only keep the look of house interior aesthetically pleasing but also promote safety. These devices allow wirings to be added in a single electrical circuit without the need of installing full length wire from the main power supply. With the use of a junction box, broken wires can be easily repaired or reattached.


The various electrical junction boxes available in the market may have slight variations but there are a few basic parts present to all designs. They usually come in rectangular or square form and have an opening in front which allows one to work on the interior. When installing, they are usually mounted on the wall allowing only one side of it to be in sight. To hide the box, paintings or any wall decoration is hung over it. Even though most households that observe the presence of junction boxes see them as a device to put away ugly wirings from view, the main function of these boxes is to protect them from damage and to contain spark in case there has been an overload issue in one of the junctions limiting the amount of damage that could happen. The current design of electrical junction boxes usually comes with a safety switch that can allow the connections to stop from functioning in times of emergency.


Conduit box is another term referred to electrical junction box. Conduit boxes are commonly used on industrial areas that require to hold and protect a number of wirings. Conduit boxes can carry not only electrical lines but also cable television and phone systems wires. To respond to the different applications, the interior of the box could vary. These types of boxes are usually seen on areas with low population as they are set-up underground on high density areas for added protection. They are made from reinforced steel that has a defense feature against electrical discharges coming from outside and even inside the device. For additional safety, the opening or door of conduit boxes can have both an exterior and interior lock.


Apart from residential setting, conduit boxes can be applied specifically on industries that make use of industrial machines that utilize vast amount of electricity. In order for the machines to receive the amount of power they needed for them to function smoothly, they might have to be wired up similarly to residents. Separate junction boxes are also common in structures where there are several occupants like offices and apartments. Having their own boxes allows for them to have their own power connection that helps prevent power overload or resolve problem on billing.


An electrical junction box can last for decades. If upgrades or replacement is done, the usual reason is to install a larger box so more connections or bigger wirings can be accommodated. If upgrades are not needed, the first or original box installed is kept to be used so long as it is on good working condition.

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