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A Closer Look at Medical Equipment and Supplies

5/27/2015 5:36:57 PM | by Arya Chan

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Most of the medical equipment and supplies are one of the things that are not merely appreciated until the very second they are required. It’s very easy to overlook the significance of medical supplies in our mortal lives.

If you are taking care of someone with particular requirements at home, or if you own a business that employs a lot of people and you are looking around shopping for emergency medical supplies to have them on hand the very moment emergency should arise. Being ready is the answer to preventing possible accidents from risking so much more and to be equipped to save lives. There are numerous types of medical supplies and equipment that serve various purposes and diverse methods of action.

Necessary key points to remember:

Make everyone know the use and location of the equipment and supplies.

Be sure that everyone is informed of the location of the emergency medical supplies and equipment. If you are running a business and you only have few assigned staff members who manage the supplies, be certain that everyone who should know are fully informed of how to use the supplies and equipment and where they are located. Better yet, let everyone know!

Keep the supplies in obvious and plain view.

Emergency medical equipment and supplies should always be placed in plain view, in accessible areas and without anything blocking the way to reach them. In a desperate situation, certainly you won’t want to be moving a thing aside from getting to the required medical supplies and equipment. Make sure that all your supplies are easily reachable.

Have the medical supplies and equipment readily at hand.

Wherever you decide to complete your emergency medical supplies, considering the essential supplies for your type of business is necessary. If you are dealing with business exposed to fire, your emergency kit must have something to take care of burns and fire bruises. If your business is something that uses knife or high powered cutting machine, you must have something for cuts and deep wounds. Of course, you must have the right equipment and supplies that your situation requires. Pick the emergency supplies that match your environment and keep it to spot visibly emphasized and in plain view. The area where the supplies and equipment are placed must be obvious for anyone to notice even in a state of horror and panic. Do not forget the fundamental and basic of supplies which include:

• “Band-aids” or bandages, of different sizes and shapes
• Safety pins
• Alcohol disposable wipes
• Alcohol-free disposable wipes
• Bottled distilled water for cleaning wounds
• Pain medication – ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin and many others including those in children’s strengths and chewable
• Sterile rubber gloves both latex and vinyl
• Mylar sheeting emergency blanket
• Scissors and tweezers
• Triangular or “sling” bandages
• Sterile gauze for dressing
• Burn ointment
• Disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol and antiseptic creams
• Rolls of stretch bandaging

In a workplace, it is necessary to keep specialized medications on hand for employees who are epileptics, diabetics, those with allergies, asthma and many other conditions. It is wise to keep a list of information about anyone who may have allergies to some medications and other materials. A defibrillator is a great tool to have readily. Cardiac arrests are quite alarmingly common, and the tools prove to be a blessing to have within reach.

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