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8 Green Pest Control Myths Debugged

12/10/2013 1:47:00 PM | by Derek Whitney

Home Pest Control Service

For the majority of us, pests are a real and nasty challenge. Unfortunately that challenge can only become more difficult if it includes myths that may or may not be true. We shall take a look at a few green pest removal myths that have been passed down through the years and see how they affect our homes.

You must be a professional

It has been suggested than only professionals have access to the stuff that can kill the bugs and unless you hire them, you have no hope of succeeding. If we carefully read our labels (and theirs) we will discover that most of the ingredients are the same. So if you feel the need to call a pest professional, remember you can always do it yourself.


Where's the smell?

Is there any truth to the myth that the pesticide must smell in order for it to work? Should we assume that the job was not efficiently done if there is no odor? With chemical adjustments, that is not the case, if it ever was. Chemicals can be odorless and still be effective, especially green pesticides.


Don't bring them here please

Some myths have suggested that the biggest draw to your home for termites is when you bait them. The truth of the matter is that termites are all around us and in our homes. The bait does not bring them; they simply stumble upon it as they pass by.


Silence might help

We already know that a dog has sensitive ears, but have you heard the myth that if you expose your bugs to high pitched frequencies they will remain outside your house? The truth is that most insects cannot hear sounds that are high pitched, if only we can say the same thing about the family dog.


A tasty treat

So you think that carpenter ants naturally eat wood. As common a misconception as this is, nothing could be further from the truth. If you see carpenter ants in and around wood, chances are that they are using the wood for the purposes of renovating their nest.


Stop bugging me

Some myths have suggested that bed bugs are restricted to the bed, (hence their name) while others insist that bedbugs are the cause of poor hygiene. The real truth about the bugs is that you can find them on the sofa, in cracks and even in some very high classed hotel rooms.


Southern ants

People who live in the south may consider the myth that they can bait their ant traps with grits and the response would be a very large ant that would end up swollen and die. Maybe we should take a moment to consider how that would be possible with such a small neck.


A big meal

And finally, this last myth about rats and mice hold no water. It suggests that they high tail it to the nearest body of water, where there is a loud explosion and the rodents end up splattered all over the wall. The truth to this myth is clear, an anticoagulant is the main ingredient here and the only thing it might do is to cause internal bleeding.


It is clear that there is a lot of misinformation out there, so much so that our perception when it comes to dealing with pests may have been coming up short. The good thing about information is that it can be corrected and dealt with. Whether you are dealing with bed bugs, rats, or roaches, there is only one way to get rid of them and that is the right way.


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